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Overloud - 'Altered Ego'

posted 6 Jul 2015, 10:04 by Paul Woodward

(Rock CD Records)

Review By Woody

Hailing from Spain rambunctious high energy rockers Overloud take their cue from Swedish sleaze acts but veer more towards the glam styling of Motley Crue overall. This album ‘Altered Ego’ is a rebellious, dangerous, loud and nasty flip of the bird to authority, teenagers will love this album parents will hate it! It’s an instantly likeable album and no matter how hard you try not to you will find yourself slowly edging the volume control further and further up.

Exhibiting lots of energy, strong vocal melodies overlapping infectious guitar riffage it’s hard not to thoroughly enjoy ‘Altered Ego’ and it’s fist pumping choruses that hark back to the early Skid Row album. One listen to this album makes you really keen to see these guys live as many of these track’s have dance floor filler written all over them and throughout the album you can picture the crowd  hair flipping and a dancing like nutters.

Overloud do have a modern tinge which is a nod to modern Scandinavian sleaze outfits but there is also an overwhelming late eighties LA sunset strip vibe which is only accentuated further by some questionable and sexual lyrics. They obviously have lots of influences from that era as they even dabble with a country guitar vibe occasionally akin to what Bon Jovi did with their ‘cowboy’ touches. The standard of guitar playing on this album is very impressive many of my favourite moments are from the melodic and intricate guitar licks and riffs. A Lot of modern sleaze bands go for blunt force riffs but Overloud obviously prefer to have a more defined and diverse guitar sound similar to their obvious eighties influences.

At fourteen tracks a couple of stinkers do rear their ugly heads but these rare blips are totally overshadowed by the quality of the rest of the album. These guys aren’t that well known but given the strength of ‘Altered Ego’ they should kick up a stink in modern sleaze and glam circles. A smooth and polished production also makes them far more commercial than a lot of the rawer sleaze bands at the moment so fans of a more melodic tone will appreciate these guys.

It’s a very strong and likeable album full of high energy fist pumping rockers and memorable choruses to rebel yell along to. Not only should this album appeal to modern sleaze fans but it should also get old school Motley Crue and early Skid Row fans pretty moist, just remember to play it at full volume for maximum enjoyment!