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Moms Rocket - 'Red'

posted 26 Jan 2014, 15:23 by Paul Woodward
(Z Records)

Review by Woody

Hailing from Seattle in Western USA Moms Rocket released their third album Red through English label Z Records in Europe. Mom’s Rocket creates and performs unashamedly loud and proud seventies inspired classic rock.

I’d seen the video for their song ‘By A Thread’ prior to hearing the album and I was mightily impressed and was looking forward to hearing more from these guys. Unfortunately though the album was a real let down and was nowhere near as exciting and energetic as I had hoped. Now listening to it on CD even ‘By A Thread’ had lost some of its bite and its initial impression has diminished on me with a few plays through. It just doesn’t evoke a reaction from me and the songs swim by without causing a dent, it’s just a little too turgid and raw for my tastes.

Negativity aside I have heard far worse in the seventies inspired classic rock genre of late which is beyond over saturated and for me personally the vast majority of it is uninspiring boring crap. People just think lets sound like Led Zeppelin their cool, yes they are but NO you’re not! I do have to credit Moms Rocket with mixing it up a little and not sounding like Led Zep clones altogether, they do have some modern touches and even a bit of grunge thrown in there. Vocalist Tom Roney has a booming and powerful vocal which I quite liked and he really reminds me of Pearl Jam front man Eddie Vedder. Whilst the Seventies rock influences are beyond obvious I can also sense a bit of Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains and Stone Temple Pilots in the mix.

It’s a no frills rock n roll album aiming to be very raw, loud, sparse and minimal. Concentrating on creating groove led tracks with booming vocals, cocksure rhythms and raw earthy guitar riffs.

I think fans of modern classic rock will enjoy Red far more than I did and tracks like ‘Angels’, ‘Through My Hands’ and ‘The Edge’ should keep genre fans suitably interested and there is moments that do get me rocking to the groove, but this just isn’t an album I can get excited about.

Track Listing: By A Thread / Angels / Words / Through My Hands / Under The Wheel / Already Dead / The Edge / Maker / New Religion / End Of The Line / Raining Sorrow / Red

Album Rating: 4/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Angels