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Miss Behaviour – ‘Ghost Play’

posted 11 Aug 2016, 11:54 by Paul Woodward

(AOR Heaven)

Review By Woody

Ghost Play is the fourth album from Miss Behaviour and it’s in my opinion certainly their best collection of songs to date. Miss Behaviour tend to get lumped into the melodic rock category mainly because of how ultra-melodic the band are, but I think they are a little more unique than the average melodic rock band and I think that tag does the band a little disservice. I’ve always found them to be a little bit different, their song writing tends to be a little bit more progressive and the song structures more varied and experimental. Innovative isn’t a word people use in regards to modern melodic rock bands, but I find Miss Behaviours song writing to be quite innovative and to me that makes them one of the most intriguing and unpredictable bands currently within the melodic rock genre.

Ghost Play sees the band been a tad heavier than previously and occasionally make me think of prime time Pretty Maids only with an AOR vocalist and a more overall smooth musical edge. They can be quite progressive but they manage to keep their music accessible with very commercial hooks which I find a lot of Prog bands find extremely hard to achieve and this may be why Miss Behaviour sit easier on the Melodic rock side of the musical fence. They have an epic-ness to their super smooth melodic sound and opening cut ‘Friendly Fire’ really sets the stall out with that feel of grandeur in their melodies and song structure which continues throughout the album. They are really good at atmospherics and keeping it all super melodic and there is lots of variation in their songs which keeps it all nice and fresh and enjoyable.

The talents and musicianship showcased on this album is of an extremely high calibre and the album contains many pieces with strong ‘wow’ factors. Vocalist Sebastian Roos has an extremely likeable voice and is one of the bands strong selling points especially in commercial rock circles. Guitarist Erik Heikne seems to be revelling in the diversity of the songs and delivers some exceptional guitar work including some borderline metallic riffage which give the band a forceful impact at times. The band has always contained prominent keyboards and Henrik Sproge really shows off his versatility here with sweeping atmospherics, hook filled pop synths and swirling keyboard licks as and when a song requires. Songs aside there is some extremely talented musicians within this band.

It’s a solid album but highlights for me include ‘Savage Heart’, ‘The Magician’ and ‘Night Moves’. Keep an ear out for the album closer ‘Save The World’ which is a sparse piano lead ballad, most the songs on the album are full with lots of layers and this song sees the band in a stripped back style.

The only problem I have with Miss Behaviour and it’s something that’s stopped me becoming a total fan boy is I just can’t seem to connect with their songs. I’m not sure what it is, because I really like the band and the vast majority of music they have created – but there’s something that just doesn’t get me involved and invested in the band. Perhaps it’s the progressive edge, the more thoughtful and non-bog standard melodic rock lyrics/themes that stop the band really clicking with me, I’m not sure. They are however a band I’m always keen to hear and appreciate as they do deviate from the norm and that’s something that keeps the scene fresh, exciting and diverse.

Regardless there is no denying what an immense album Ghost Play is and it’s easily the best the band has produced so far. They sure know how to write a slick melodic hook and the album is full of lush melodies and extremely impressive musicianship which should have melodic rockers tripping over one another to sing their praises. Definitely one of the big highlights of the year in melodic rock circles.

Track Listing: Friendly Fire / The Magician / Pain and Passion / The War Inside / Savage Heart / Brothers Of War / Never Say Never / Ghost Play / Night Moves / Walking In Shadows / All Eyes On You / Save The World

Album Rating: 9/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Savage Heart