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Marita – ‘Bloodlust’

posted 22 May 2018, 12:43 by Paul Woodward

(Skullcrack Records)

Review by Woody

Bloodlust is very old school Eighties style melodic hard rock / metal with horror influences. The horror theme in the lyrics gives the songs a darker twist and this aspect is used a lot in the music with certain effects adding horror tones and atmospherics to the impact of the songs. I feel it’s a disservice to Marita to compare her to Lordi as musically they are different but they both use Horror in their lyrics and both have an affinity with Eighties rock and metal, but it did pop into my head on a few occasions.

I’m not a Horror fan in the slightest but where Marita wins me over is with the insanely catchy melodic choruses and the overall retro eighties vibe that she has created. Bloodlust could have easily been an Eighties Horror flick’s soundtrack. Marita’s song writing desire was to create an album that fans of eighties rock would love and she’s done that easily, hit the nail on the head and pushed it right out the other side! Current Melodic Rock fans will love the infectious choruses and those people who just enjoy eighties nostalgia like Steel Panther create, they will enjoy the retrospective tone and style of Bloodlust.

I hear a bit of Dokken, a bit of Motley Crue, a bit of Iron Maiden amongst others in Marita’s song writing inspirations. She has very much her own style which is encapsulated by the horror theme she centres her music on but there’s time’s when you’ll catch glimpses of those influences. There is something huge about these songs, they sound big and have that stadium rock attack that many eighties band’s strove towards.

Vocally Marita owes a lot to the likes of Eighties rock heroine’s Joan Jett and Lee Aaron with that rock attitude, snarl and ultimately strong melodic touch. Her voice suits this style of music perfectly and adds to the spooky overall theme of the album. The music itself is not nothing new but that wasn’t Marita’s goal, she wanted to create a strong Eighties melodic rock album and she’s done that. What makes the album stand out in the crowd of similar style releases is her theme, she uses it in the song writing too making the album different and to a degree unique. I’ve heard a poop load of Melodic Rock releases this year but absolutely nothing like Bloodlust so that’s a good enough reason for any melodic rocker to give this one a looksee first over other genre bands!

There’s a couple of tracks that misfired for me, but in general this a strong album filled to the brim with killer choruses and extremely memorable songs. You will without a doubt find yourself listening to the likes of ‘Danger City’, ‘Horror High’, ‘Flesh Is Burning’ and ‘Seek The Fortune’ over and over. Enjoy the energy, the fist pumping choruses and pretend the Eighties never ended!

Bloodlust really deserves to be heard by as large an audience as possible! It’s a thoroughly enjoyable album, played for kicks and features some amazing songs. Marita has a great ear for an infectious chorus and that’s why it should win new fans easily but be warned, it’s an album that demands you play it LOUD!

Track Listing: 66 Crush / Horror High / 10 to Midnight / Seek The Fortune / Danger City / Sleep Among The Dead / Threshold Of The Night / Bloodlust / Zombified / Flesh Is Burning

Album Rating: 8/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Horror High