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Maggie's Madness - 'Waking Up The Dead'

posted 31 Dec 2014, 15:06 by Paul Woodward


Review by Woody

Waking The Dead is a monster nineteen track double album from German’s Maggie’s Madness. Some of you may remember these guys from their Eighties output, but this ambitious double album is their comeback record. These songs could have stepped straight out of the eighties so any established fans will be ecstatic at them coming back to where they started off. I wouldn’t be surprised if a number of these tracks have roots and foundations in song writing sessions going back years.

Maggie’s Madness have a very strong typical Eighties German melodic metal sound comparisons to Bonfire, Mad Max and Eighties era Scorpions are obvious. With Waking The Dead they may not be re-inventing the wheel but they are very good at what they do and they have collected an enjoyable bunch of retro metal goodness. Like most long albums like this though it may have a greater impact with a shorter running time and I think with six or seven tracks cut this would have more instant appeal to listeners.

Like most bands of this ilk back in the day the album has plenty of huge stadium rock choruses coupled with driven crunching metallic guitar riffs. It may not be the greatest album in the world but it is an enjoyable listen and you won’t need a time machine if you own this album as it’ll take you right back to a time when bands like this ruled the airwaves.

Tracks to pay extra attention to include ‘Let’s Rock Tonight’ with its stadium rock chorus, ballsy driven rocker ‘Thunder In My Heart’, memorable ballad ‘I Won’t Back Down’ and ‘You Make Me Burn So Hot’ has an amazing background guitar lick hook which makes it essential listening! ‘An Ugly Fact’ has an infectious metallic guitar riff which makes the song one of the album highlights for me along with the full on melodic rocker ‘The Games We Are Playing’ which has a great chorus.

Worth checking out if you still love listening to eighties fuelled melodic metal or indeed any similar German bands from that times albums. The band’s performances do show a lot of passion and pride in their music and at times these songs do feel like and ode or love letter to a style of music from our past. There has been a lot of love put into these compositions and whilst originality is not something these guys will ever be accused of there is no denying the joy displayed in the crafting of this album. Just turn back the clock before pressing play on this one and you’ll end up with a smile on your face.

Track Listing: Waking Up The Dead / Lets Rock Tonight / Thunder In My Heart / I Won’t Back Down / On The Road / Downward Spiral Ride / Little Rock n Roller / The Games We Are Playing / I’m On Fire / Nowhere Land / Bound To Rock On / Starlight Blues / Get Down & Get With It / An Ugly Fact / You Make Me Burn So Hot / Can’t Get You Outta My Head / Strange Attitude / Living On A Space Base

Album Rating: 6/10