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Lizhard – ‘Bigger, Better, Stronger’

posted 6 Feb 2017, 15:13 by Paul Woodward

(Perris Records)

Review By Woody

Italy’s Lizhard are back to kick some ass with their new album Bigger Better Stronger. They have gathered together a solid album of energetic raw and dirty eighties style rock n roll. It might not set the world on fire but it is really enjoyable and genre fans should really dig this throwback to an era of rock decadence.

It’s raw and jagged with layers of smooth melody at times. It combines the energy, swaggering raw riffs of hard rock with smoother more commercial melodies to great effect. The Influences are crystal clear, Guns N Roses, Poison, Motley Crue – it’s very Eighties Hard/Glam rock sounding, mixing rock rawness with commercial touches. There’s even some down and dirty biker rock in the mix, cranking up the swagger and beer swilling attitude of the music.

It’s the Ballads that hit me the most personally, but I’m sure it is the energy and tight chant choruses of the rockers that will win them fans and appease established fans, especially live!

Mid-tempo ballad ‘All I want Is You’ is very melodic with a great emotional guitar riff, it’s beautiful song in contrast to the rawness of the rest of the album – perfect for late summer nights! ‘Hard To Say Goodbye’ is a smooth ballad with a similar flow as the aforementioned song and ‘Leave Me Alone’ is a smooth melodic rock ballad with a very memorable chorus.

I think the songs to send genre fans straight to for them to get sweaty to are ‘Rock N Roll Is Hard To Die’, ‘Urban Cowboy’, ‘Candyman’ and ‘Getting Tighter’. They are full of swagger, chunky guitar riffs, fist pumping energy and shout it out choruses – Raw rock n roll!

The band meet in the middle between raw and melodic on the funky ‘Funkytown’, the infectious ‘Downtown’ which has an overblown chorus and killer guitar hook and ‘And Now…..Take This!’ which has some killer guitar riffage and a soaring chorus which makes it stand out to me!

Fans of late Eighties rock n roll should really enjoy this album it has a good energy and plenty of vigour that should get genre stalwart fans rocking! Bigger Better Stronger sounds like it was born in the Eighties so old school rockers are in for a treat with this one! Raw, dirty, lots of energy, tough guitar riffs and plenty of shout it out loud choruses.

Track Listing: Funkytown / Downtown / Rock N Roll is Hard To Die / Candyman / Leave Me Alone / Urban Cowboy / Gettin Tighter / All I Want is You / Hard To Say Goodbye / And Now….Take This / Lizhard

Album Rating: 7/10

Woody’s Essential Track: All I Want Is You