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Last Autumns Dream – ‘In Disguise’

posted 24 Jan 2017, 18:21 by Paul Woodward

(Escape Music)

Review by Woody

Swede’s Last Autumns Dream release a new album every year and like clockwork we now get In Disguise which I’m pretty sure is their 13th album – but don’t quote me on that (Fact Pending!).  I’ve got all the Last Autumns Dreams albums and although they may have never delivered a true classic album per se, they always deliver enjoyable and memorable melodic rock albums and have given us some truly killer AOR tunes over the years. For me I always associate the LAD name with sterling musicianship and high quality song writing. I’m also a big fan of Mikael Erlandsson, Jamie Borger and Nalle Pahlsson everything they are associated with they add a touch of class too!

In Disguise is a covers album and I have to admit I was a little sceptical about how this album would turn out but the track listing really intrigued me into really approaching it with an open mind. They haven’t gone with obvious genre standards ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’, ‘Here I Go Again’, ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ et al. The band have chosen to revisit their youth and all the songs they have covered are genuine favourites from bands who influenced them or they just plain old enjoyed. The songs originate mainly from the seventies but with a couple of very early eighties songs in there to. For me I felt the track listing was a good mixture of songs from obscure, popular and AOR hero bands.

All the songs are instantly recognisable (well, if you know the original of course) but all the songs are given a Last Autumns Dream make over. The songs have that distinctive LAD flow and tone and all the songs are recreated and crafted with love to fit into their own style whilst been respectful to the original and retaining the soul of it as well. The makeover makes the album more cohesive and a smoother defined listen, obviously if you know the originals there’s a real mixture in there and doing the songs karaoke style would have made it a disjointed mess and feel like a compilation album from various performers.

It’s quite cool how they’ve achieved this make over, if you didn’t know the originals you’d be totally forgiven for thinking they were LAD originals. BUT the essence of the songs does still shine though like the classic rock tone of ‘Jet Liner’ and the groove rock of ‘Slow Down’.

Personally, I do favour the more obvious melodic rock numbers from Mike Slamer’s Streets and City Boy, Headpins, Angel and of course Loverboy. Those catchy choruses just get my blood pumping and LAD do a great job of recreating them and making me enjoy them, because I’m normally the miserable bloke who always seems to say, well it’s not as good as the original! Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying they have bettered them, just that they have delivered them in a thoroughly enjoyable fashion!

For an album made up of covers it’s pretty damn good and Last Autumns Dreams fans will lap it up! Once again, another quality melodic rock album from these guys as they take us through a loving recreation of their formative musical years! If you’re a genre fan it’s an easy bet you’re going to thoroughly enjoy In Disguise and even more so if you like the original versions.

Track Listing: If Love Should Go / Jet Airliner / Working For The Weekend / Wig Wam Bam / Slow Down / Need A Little Loving / I’ll Bring The Whole World To Your Door / Just One More Time / When I Kissed The Teacher / All The Way / Hey You

Album Rating: 8/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Need A Little Loving