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Kyshera - 'Circle'

posted 12 May 2015, 14:34 by Paul Woodward

(Konic Records)

Review by Woody

Three piece modern rock outfit Kyshera have been knocking about for a while now and ‘Circle’ is their third album. I did find their previous album a little bit hard going if I’m honest but ‘Circle’ is vastly superior in many ways. Kyshera are a really hard band to pigeonhole and comparing them to other bands is neigh on impossible, because that list would be so long and varied it would only confuse you. They literally throw everything but – no – everything including the kitchen sink into the mix, ‘Behind The Lies’ even includes heavy use of Bongo’s and that’s only one example of the eclectic nature of this band.

I’m not 100% sure yet whether when listening to ‘Circle’ that it’s a work of absolute genius or actually a bunch of weird discombobulating nonsense. The album can be a mixed bag this is mainly due to the very varied influences and originality shown in the bands song writing and this can make some tracks harder to digest than others. It is a very dark and grimy album at times which is at total odds with some funky bass heavy moments, I think the mixture of alt rock vibes here will make these guys appeal to fans of that genre, as it is a little bit different.

I don’t think this album is for mainstream consumption and to be honest I didn’t think that’s what Kyshera were aiming for; obviously they want people to hop on board the Kyshera crazy train but not by compromising their sound to make themselves pop radio friendly.

Anyone who knows my tastes will not be surprised that the two tracks that make the deepest impression on me are the most commercial sounding songs on ‘Circle’. These tracks actually have a distinct contrast from the rest of the album as they have quite bright feels to them and feel more polished than the grittiness shown elsewhere. Ballad ‘Gone’ is a real stand out track and is the sort of song that if it was picked up by mainstream radio could make them overnight sensations but it is definitely not representative of the album as a whole. ‘The Wrong Size’ is as about as close the band get to been radio friendly, by far the most upbeat song on ‘Circle’ it has a real happy go lucky feel to it and that really appeals to me and some great vocal wooahh hooks make it really memorable.

Given many clashes and mixing of styles and influences ‘Circle’ can be very messy and disorientating but oddly that’s exactly what make’s Kyshera so intriguing. If you’re looking for something a little bit different this album could be just what you’re looking for!

Track Listing: Napoleon / Behind These Lies / Demon / Gone / The Wrong Size / Break This / End Game / Coma / Inertia / Helen / Full Circle / The End

Album Rating: 5/10

Woody’s Essential Track: The Wrong Size