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John Waite - In Real Time

posted 25 Jul 2011, 08:20 by Paul Woodward   [ updated 25 Jul 2011, 11:09 ]
(Frontiers Records)
“In Real Time” is a live album that John and his band recorded on last years European tour. John has assembled a new band with an eye to having no frills and just deliver full on rock n roll shows, which he hopes to capture a piece of here on this album. John’s band consists of Luis Maldonado (Guitar), Tim Hogan (Bass) & Billy Wilkes (Drums).

Live albums are notoriously hit and miss affairs and personally I think they are only really of interest to big fans of the band doing the album. I am a big fan of John Waite, especially his time in AOR super group Bad English so I was intrigued by how this album would come across. I’ve seen John live twice recently, at JB’s in Dudley and The Robin in Bilston, and I’ve really enjoyed the band both times so knowing they can deliver the goods it was interesting to see if that energy would come across through my stereo.

Sound and production wise it’s great, I don’t think there could be many complaints about it. John’s vocals are strong throughout and the album does highlight what a great vocalist he is even in the live arena. The band is tighter than a duck’s arse and they sound like a well honed unit on this album. I do think John’s desire to return to his roots and a more straight ahead rock n roll stance does shine through in the songs and I think he would be quite pleased with how it’s all turned out. I was impressed with Guitarist Luis Maldonado the last time I saw the band and the album also showcases his talent as well.

As you’ll always get with albums like this you always wish this song or that song was on it, but with the enormous back catalogue Waite has it was always going to be difficult to include everything. I would have liked “Straight To Your Heart” by Bad English and “How Did I Live Without Your Love” which they did they last time I saw them at the Robin. I do think the set list does comprise a reasonable overview of his career and obviously includes the mega hits “Missing You”, “When I see You Smile” and “Changes”.

If you’re a John Waite fan this is definitely worth picking up and giving a spin, good production, enjoyable set list and a good memento of a great live band. I’m not sure this would be for everyone, but as far as live albums this is pretty damn good!

Track Listing:
Change / Back On My feet Again / In Dreams / Every Time I Think Of You / Band Intro / Prelude / New York City Girl / Best Of What I Got / Missing You / Head First / Rock N Roll / When I See You Smile
Album Rating:
Woodys Essential Track:
Missing You

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