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Jim Jidhed – ‘Push On Through’

posted 2 Feb 2017, 16:01 by Paul Woodward

(AOR Heaven)

Review by Woody

Alien frontman Jim Jidhed has enlisted the help of respected producer Daniel Flores on this his sixth solo album Push On Through. Jidhed wanted a heavier sound and Flores has not only helped him achieve this but has also given the album a really great polish, as you’d expect from Flores. Jidhed fans don’t need to worry about the term ‘heavy’ been bandied about in regards to this album it’s not a major change in direction or even overall tone of the music you would expect from Jidhed. Yes, it is heavier but it’s just moving into more melodic hard rock territory and the AOR core to the song writing is still present. It just has a stronger back line punch and a more prominent hard edge than you’d usually expect from his music.

It doesn’t feel like Alien either, so if that’s what you want and will be displeased with anything else then you’re going to be disappointed, the closest you’ll get to the Alien vibe is ‘Next In Line’. If you’re a melodic rocker full stop and a fan of Jidhed’s vocals, then you’re going to love this album as there is hooks aplenty and some very impressive choruses to wrap your ears around. It’s nice to hear Jidhed spreading his wings slightly to give us something different from him whilst firmly remaining in the melodic rock genre.

My initial playthrough of Push on Through left me thinking it was a bit lightweight, pleasant and enjoyable but perhaps a little bit to run of the mill to really crow about. But when I returned to the album for further plays it quickly made a deeper impression on me with a multitude of hooks taking a firm grip on my attention. The music has a light tone which I know is one of the strong draws to the genre for fans, we all want something to make us smile, sing along to as well as an emotional connection.

Jidhed is in fine form too and really excels on many of the songs, so fans of the voice will be very pleased indeed. He has a touch of the blues to his voice which intensifies some of the emotive impact of many of the songs.

Highlights for me are the awesome ‘One Breath Away’ which is beyond catchy, I love its addictive melodic guitar licks and its killer ‘crank it up loud’ chorus! Mid-tempo ballad ‘The First Time’ has an AOR core which hooks me in, a great guitar hook and some cool vocal harmonies which emphasis the impact of the chorus. The emotive and provocative lighter raising ballad ‘Too Many Words’ and the direct ‘If We Call It Love’ which has some lovely keyboards and a big chorus!

Push On Through is full of beautiful and emotional songs with strong melodies. There is a slight retro tone to the song writing and flow of the songs and I think this is something that will only intensify genre fans appetite for this album. There’s not a weak track on the album which is pleasant and rare, some tracks hit harder than others but there is not a single track that has me reaching for the skip button! I highly recommend AOR and MHR fans give this one a spin as it has all the prerequisite elements we all love in our music.

Track Listing: Glorious / Push On Through / If We Call It Love / Waiting For Summer / The First Time / One Breath Away / Too Many Worlds / Next In Line / Drowning / Love Was Waiting / It Is What It Is

Album Rating: 8/10

Woody’s Essential Track: One Breath Away