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Jesse Damon - 'Temptation In The Garden Of Eve'

posted 12 Nov 2013, 08:16 by Paul Woodward
(AOR Heaven)

Review by Woody

Silent Rage front man Jesse Damon returns with his latest solo album ‘Temptation In The Garden of Eve’ which see’s him working with long time collaborator Paul Sabu, who not only produces the album but also plays bass. Jesse has co-written all the songs with various names in the melodic rock world including Sabu, who’s connection to Jesse dates all the way back to Silent Rage’s debut album.

The Sabu influence is all over this album, especially on some of the songs like ‘Black Widow’, ‘I Need You Forever’ and ‘Save Me’. So if you’re a fan of Sabu’s productions over the years and his brand of song writing this album will definitely appeal to you, as a few of these songs could have been lifted straight from his last solo offering.

‘Temptation’ is a solid and enjoyable collection of songs and although Jesse is not re-inventing the wheel here there are plenty of tracks here that will stick in your mind and get you rockin’. I think Jesse has really produced one his best albums to date especially with the disappointing Silent Rage albums in recent years, highly melodic and full of hooks. There is a lot of energy here and whilst the backbone of this album is quite hard rock, it never shies away from a good keyboard lick or pop edged melody dripping chorus. It really does feel like a lot of time has gone into making these songs the best they can be, everything seems huge on the album from the choruses to the vocal harmonies and especially the guitar’s, but it’s those subtle hooks that really turn great songs into unforgettable songs! Seriously listen out for those subtle keyboard, guitar and vocal lines which just get under your skin and have you banging your stereo’s repeat button!

There is a few different taste’s to the song writing, I’ve already mentioned the obvious Sabu one’s, a couple of the ballads actually have strong pop edge’s to their choruses and they drip melodies and actually show what a superb vocalist Jesse is. Opening cut ‘Garden Of Eve’ has a strong Rainbow feel to me; you know that ultra melodic classic rock touch. Sabu and Jesse do make the album cohesive though even though you do notice these different influences, which I personally think only adds to the appeal of the album and increase it’s longevity before it ends up on the shelf of no return!

Regardless of whether you’re a Damon, Silent Rage or Sabu fan I think ‘Temptation’ will please most melodic rock fans, cause these songs are written to hit all our buttons, it’s a real crowd pleasing opus. Crank up ‘Hold On’ and ‘Little Angel’, you’ll not hear many better melodic rock tracks this year!

Track Listing: Garden Of Eve / Black Widow / Save The World / I Need You Forever / Save Me / A Chance For Us / Let It Rock / Angel In The Satrlight / Hold On / Little Angel / Wishing Well

Album Rating: 7/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Little Angel