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Jayce Landberg - Good Sleepless Night

posted 25 Jul 2011, 06:38 by Paul Woodward   [ updated 25 Jul 2011, 06:41 ]

(Escape Music)

This is the second album from Swedish guitarist Jayce Landberg and features Goran Edman (Street Talk, Yngwie Malmsteen, and John Norum) on vocals. The album also has guest appearances by John Leven (Europe) on bass and vocals by Mark Boals on "Invasion". I’ve not heard Jayce’s first album, as I tend to avoid albums billed as been by guitar virtuosos because they very rarely appeal to me.

As a whole I was totally under whelmed by the album, there are a couple of decent tunes on here, but it’s not one for me. I think some of the quirky and off-kilter songs throw me off, although I think they may appeal to others. The best thing about this album is the musicianship, the guitar riffs, some of the piano, and maybe the album would have been stronger as an instrumental piece? I’m a big fan of Goran Edman, but here the material just isn’t strong enough to showcase his voice. There are very few hooks and it doesn’t inspire repeated plays.

As you’d expect from an artist like this there are two instrumentals on here “Sun Dance” & “Abduction”. To be honest both songs leave me cold, but I’m not really one for appreciating this style of songs. Although I do really like Gerhard Pilcher’s instrumentals on the Melodica albums, that band also featured the vocal talents of Ted Poley. If you like guitar-led instrumentals I highly recommend tracking down “A Long Time Ago” & “Gotta Save Yourself”.

The piano-led ballad “The Thorns” starts out promisingly, but the song fails to make an impression as a whole. In fact the vast majority of what’s on offer here is like that. Opening track “My Valentine” opens well and whilst having a quirky and insistent chorus is totally forgettable. “Crazy Lorraine” is worth checking out; it’s one of the better quirky, unusual songs.

The best of what’s on offer here is “The Devil’s Wine” which starts out with a cool opening riff and some great guitar parts leading up to a big melodic chorus. This is the most obvious and accessible melodic rock track on the album. Although I think “Drama Queen” is a better song and to me is a real stand out track, with a really cool and memorable riff. It doesn’t have a big chorus, but a punchy and insistent one, this song probably shows off Goran’s vocals best.

I think if you like your guitar virtuoso albums (I'm thinking: Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai) or guitar instrumental albums this should be worth you checking out. For me though it’s nowt to shout about, so NEXT!

Am I only the only who can’t say his name without thinking about his wheeled warriors? Kids of the 80s will now what I’m on about!

Track Listing: My Valentine / The Devil’s Wine / Drama Queen / Skyscraper / Sun Dance / Bitch Is Back / The Thorns / Invasion / All I Wanna Do (Is You) / Abduction / Crazy Lorraine

Album Rating: 1/5

Woody’s Essential Track:
Drama Queen

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