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Jaded Past – ‘Believe’

posted 6 Feb 2017, 08:06 by Paul Woodward

(Melodic Rock Records)

Review By Woody

Jaded Past is essentially New Jersey native multi-instrumentalist and song writer George Becker. He’s been around a while, so has lots of industry experience and he has even enlisted the help of Trixter’s Steve Brown with the production. Believe is the second album from Becker under the Jaded Past moniker.

It’s a decent enough album for what it is, nothing revolutionary but it’s a pleasant enough listen. I think the average melodic rocker will enjoy it, even if it doesn’t have them frothing at the mouth and I think it’ll be especially appreciated by fans deep into the underground melodic rock scene.

There is a slight problem with the sound level on the CD, not sure if this is a manufacturing problem or is indeed at the level that was intended. It doesn’t affect the impact of the songs, it just means you need to turn the volume up a little bit more than usual. It’s a little bit annoying but not degrading the quality of the music.

There’s a few influences and styles in the mix, but overall, it’s a modern pop rock record in the vein of many current American bands, because this album is American to the core in its flavour. That’s emphasised by a couple of songs having a southern rock touch and the album in general has a strong Americana vibe throughout. But at the core of all the songs is a strong traditional melodic rock core shining through.

Becker has a deep gruffness to his vocals which adds to the modern pop/rock feel of many of the songs as well as enhance the Americana vibe that keeps hitting me. Performance wise it’s nothing out of this world, but solid nonetheless and most the songs are well crafted and executed.

The most out and out melodic rock track is the album closer ‘Taken’ which has a memorable guitar riff and a catchy yet subtle chorus. Other tracks to check out are ‘Tattered’ with its modern flavour and underlying Americana and the smooth flowing melodic rock of ‘Good Bad Innocent’.

Believe is one of those albums which is ok but never attains anything mind blowing but at the same time never goes below ok into stinker territory and that is why I think people will in the main like it, but never howl at the moon about it. If you’re a melodic rock diehard it’s worth investigating, but It’s an album I think that will receive mixed reactions, but nothing excessively negative or indeed positive.

Track Listing: Tattered / Don’t Judge / Believe / Good Bad Innocent / Whiskey Dreams / Be My Lady / Dashboard Jesus / Hurt / Scratch That Itch / Traces / Taken

Album Rating: 6/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Taken