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Issa – ‘Run With The Pack’

posted 2 Apr 2018, 13:04 by Paul Woodward

(Frontiers Records)

Review By Woody

‘Run With The Pack’ lacks the immediacy of Issa’s last album ‘Crossfire’ but don’t worry it only takes a couple of spins for it to get it’s hooks into you extremely deeply. Following up the immense ‘Crossfire’ was never going to be an easy task, but with ‘Run With The Pack’ Issa has come back full force and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. It’s a lot harder edged than its predecessor and much more guitar heavy but thankfully Issa has stuck with a straight ahead melodic rock sound which I personally prefer, rather than returning to the more metallic tones of her early albums. That warmth and emotive power she has in her voice comes across in abundance throughout this album and some of the songs at times make me think of Robin Beck and purely on a vocal level Celine Dion, especially on the ballads.

This time around Issa embraces a mix of songwriters who have created a diverse selection of songs which is less linear than the Martin brothers penned ‘Crossfire’ but betwixt the producer and the musicians the songs flow naturally and it feels like a solid cohesive album. It’s heavier with more crunching guitars and soaring solo’s and a harder musical punch, whether that’s a good thing or bad is purely down to individual tastes, it’s just great to hear another fantastic performance form Issa singing songs which aren’t stuck in a rut or are over familiar.

Issa sounds fantastic and unleashes her wonderful range frequently and delivers some truly memorable emotive vocal melodies and her style that conveys emotional connection with ease always hits home with me.

It is perhaps a little ballad heavy but with a powerful voice like Issa’s it’s no surprise that there are so many as she can really belt out a killer power balled. They all have their own feel and varying tempo’s so it’s not overkill to my ears and the anthemic ‘Run With The Pack’ and infectious ‘Come Back Again’ remind you that Issa still knows how to Rock! The title track actually comes across like a female fronted Fate!

‘Run With The Pack’ is an amazing overall album with stunning vocals which will definitely stand tall as one of the best melodic rock releases of the year. Issa is definitely one of the unsung vocal heroes of this genre and here’s hoping more people sing her praises after hearing this album.

Track Listing: Am I Losing You / Run With The Pack / Sacrifice Me / How Long / The Sound Of Yesterday / Come Back Again / Talk To Your Heart / Bittersweet / Closer To You / Irreplaceable / Everything To Me

Album Rating: 9/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Come Back Again