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Iron Glove - 'Break The Chains'

posted 10 Mar 2014, 16:34 by Paul Woodward

Review By Woody

Iron Glove hail from Germany and play loud and unashamedly traditional heavy metal, which shows off all their influences from Judas Priest, Metallica and even a touch of Iron Maiden. After my first spin of ‘Break The Chains’ and really enjoying it I was shocked to notice these guys are unsigned and this is a self financed release, so hats off to the guys for the quality production on this album. Traditional heavy metal still has a large fan base especially in Germany with many mainstream acts still showing off strong traditional sounds and styles in their music, so I think ‘Break The Chains’ has the potential to appeal to a wide audience.

It’s easy to hear who these guys are influenced by and who their sound will appeal to – the most obvious is Judas Priest. I do feel though that Iron Glove tends to be far more melodic in general than many of their influences mainly in the vocal department. That said most of this album is full of fast and thunderous drums and bass, big driven heavy guitar riffs that Metallica would be jealous off and fist pumping metal anthem choruses. There is plenty of head banging to be done here but it’s that strong sense of melody that makes these guys stand out for me and makes them more intriguing to me.

‘Break The Chains’ contains a staggering Sixteen tracks so it’s good to see them mix it up a little with a couple of tracks which go against the overall sound like the hard rock n roll swagger of ‘Ready To Rock’. But I think one of the bravest moves was the inclusion of a few acoustic ballads which do seem out of place slotted in between some quite heavy songs but ‘Expressions’ and ‘Memories Of Pain’ really work well and for me are amongst many of the highlights on the album. ‘Black Widow’ shows some impressive guitar widdling from Benjamin Skirka and Daniel Strehle and is an extremely melodic track with a strong chorus which showcases what the band are about heavy metal with emphasis on melody.

I think if you’re a fan of traditional heavy metal you’re going to really enjoy this one and even though those influences are extremely obvious ‘Break The Chains’ is varied enough to keep your interest and can also fill the void left by Judas Priest and old school Metallica in current times. I have to say this was a surprisingly good album and nowhere near as retro as I fear I have made it sound.