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Infinity - Infinity

posted 12 Aug 2011, 13:48 by Paul Woodward

(Melodic Rock Records)

Review by Woody

Infinity is an album rescued from the unreleased vaults thanks to Andrew McNiece of Melodic Rock Records, who finally let’s loose these songs twenty two years after they were written. Infinity was the creation of principal band members Dave Rosenthal – Keyboards (Rainbow/Red Dawn/Whitesnake) and beloved melodic rock vocalist Mitch Malloy – although this album was written before Mitch broke onto the scene with his wonderful solo debut album a few years later. Surprisingly Infinity never landed a record deal so the songs were shelved and Rosenthal and Malloy moved onto other things. Although my fellow AOR anoraks may recognise “Liar” and “Christine” which went onto to feature on the Red Dawn debut album, which featured Rosenthal.

After listening to the album I was shocked it had never been released, had this been released back in the day it would have been huge. Very traditional AOR sounding with major upfront keyboards, in fact this album is very keyboard orientated even for an AOR album. Although with Rosenthal a keyboardist as a principal song writer, this shouldn’t be surprising. I love Rosenthal’s keyboard work on Infinity, showing off some varied styles of playing, with some intricate finger work, lush multi layered moments and also big pompous pumping licks. You can also hear some latter day Rainbow influences in some of Rosenthal’s playing.

Malloy’s vocals as you’d expect are astounding, although it does feel odd to hear him sing in such a straight ‘80’s AOR style, as I’m so used to the bluesier and gritty vocal style we all know and love Mitch for. Of course this album gives us a taste of how Mitch would sound singing in this particular style so it’s a great addition to any Malloy fan’s collection.

“I’m On The Edge” is a song that showcases all that’s great about AOR and opens the album with an impressive jaw dropping slap in the face. It’s full of soaring keyboard flourishes; I love the keys on this one and it has more hooks than a fisherman’s tackle box. A pounding AOR rocker, that will definitely get AOR fans reaching to switch the volume right up! “Secrets” is a moody mid-tempo rocker with a driving and memorable chorus. “She’s On Fire” has a moody meandering sway to it and contains some cool subtle keyboard licks. It has a big memorable chorus which Malloy’s vocals really hit you on.

“Christine” is a driving AOR rocker with a big memorable chorus. Rosenthal’s Hammond keyboard work on this once gives the song a late ‘70’s AOR vibe to it. “Let It Go” has big pompous multi layered keyboards. The pre-chorus is a hook riddled beauty and the song has a huge pomp fuelled chorus. “Liar” is a driving, pounding, catchy as hell rocker and Rosenthal’s keyboard work is sublime. Malloy’s very distinctive vocals are at their most recognizable on this track, which is my personal favourite. The chorus shines and sticks with you thanks to Malloy’s vocals and Rosenthal’s intense and intricate keyboard work.

“Promise Of Love” is a Ballad with moody vocals from Malloy and intricate keyboard work. The song builds to a huge soaring, bright traditional AOR pre-chorus and inevitable BIG chorus! “I Can’t Get Over You” has a wonderful soaring chorus that really has an impact with Malloy’s vocals really shining on this slow burning rocker. “Running” sees Rosenthal going nuts and giving us lots of different types of keyboard hooks, licks and flourishes. The delicate but head bopping guitar riff keeps you rocking too on this song full of hooks and delicious melodies.

This is a little gem of an album and it’s great it wasn’t allowed to slip into oblivion! Fans of ‘80’s melodic rock will eat this up and it’s a shame that this will be it – a one off – but a nice bit of nostalgia. I suppose at 9 tracks it’s a little short in this day and age, but it’s definitely quality over quantity with this album, bunging on a couple of sub standard songs just too get the track numbers up could have distracted from what is a great collection of traditional AOR.


Track Listing: I’m On The Edge / Secrets / She’s On Fire / Christine / Let It Go / Liar / Promise Of Love / ICan’t Get over You / Running

Album Rating: 8/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Liar

Infinity is out now and available from all good retailers and