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Human Temple - Murder Of Crows

posted 25 Jul 2011, 05:51 by Paul Woodward
(Escape Music)

Six years after their debut release. “Insomnia”, Finnish melodic rockers Human Temple return with their follow up album, “Murder of Crows”.  Human Temple is Janne Hurme (Vocals), Petri Lehto (Drums), Jori Tojamder (Keys) & Harri Kinnunen (bass).

Not being familiar with the band’s debut release, I wasn’t sure what to expect this to sound like.  With the look of the album cover and the name of the album I was expecting something very dark, either something Goth or Metal sounding. So obviously I’m extremely pleasantly surprised to discover this album is actually straight ahead smooth Scandi melodic Rock.  I detect a little bit of a Dokken influence in some of the songs, but this release really puts me in mind of the recent albums by Free Spirit, Crash the System & Places of Power.  So if you’re into any of those bands, or Scandi melodic rock in general, this will definitely be up your alley and well worth checking out!

I really like Janne Hurme’s vocals, smooth and powerful yet melodic and its nigh on perfect for this style of music.  Whilst there is a dark, moody atmosphere created on most of the songs, I wouldn’t call it a dark album.  It has some huge infectious keyboard parts, which I totally love, and enough crunchy guitars to keep most AOR fans happy - and the band do spice it up with a few more metallic heavy songs, and also some really beautiful atmospheric mid-tempo ballads to keep the sound of the album fresh and interesting.  There are some really instant and atmospheric choruses which make this a pleasant discovery for me, as the album would more than likely have passed me by.  Don’t let it pass you by!

“Not My Fault”, “Empty Stages” & “Lie” probably show off the band’s ability to write a dark and moody melodic rock song, with a big instant chorus, best. Although beefing things up we get “Promised Land”, which is a really slow burner and one of the heavier tracks on the album with a real bluesy vibe, and “Emily” which has a Thin Lizzy vibe, giving the album a bit of contrast. “Secret” sounds like it could have come straight from the Places of Power album - an absolutely fantastic song, which has a great build up to an in-your-face chorus; I really like the lyrics on this one.

I think the atmospheric mid-tempo ballads, “Your’s Cold Blooded” and "What About My Broken Heart”, will impress people with some really beautiful moments.  Especially the latter, which melds music and lyric to create the right atmosphere to fit the lyric of the song.  Although the band probably show their real strength in their more traditional sounding AOR songs “Just One Night” and “Ghost Of You”, which are full of up-front infectious keys and killer choruses.  If they don’t have you dancing and singing along, I don’t know what will!  Personally I can’t get the chorus to “Ghost of You” out of my bloody head!

A solid Melodic Rock album which is well worth checking out, and I’m sure will please many fans of the genre just as much as it has me.  The old saying "never judge a book by its cover" comes to mind, so don’t let the album artwork or title put you off checking this out - if you like your AOR do yourself a favour and check it out!

Track Listing:  Not My Fault / Empty Stages / Just One Night / Promised Land / Lie / Yours Cold Blood / Ghost of You / Emily / Secret / What about My Broken Heart

Album Rating:  4/5

Woody’s Essential Track: Ghost of You

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