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Hit N Run – S/T

posted 10 Jan 2017, 10:37 by Paul Woodward

(Lion’s Pride)

Review by Woody

Emerging into the popular melodic hard rock scene of the early Nineties Hit N Run quickly fell afoul of the dramatic and swift changes in the rock music scene of the time. So, it’s no surprise many people are unaware of this American east coast outfit and will be even more surprised when they discover the quality of the songs featured on this their debut album. Quality meant nothing during the grunge takeover so unreleased albums or ones given little publicity by the shift in the media and music industry of the time doesn’t always mean the songs weren’t up to scratch. Hit N Run prove this with effortless ease as I enjoy my first playthrough of an album originally recorded back in 1991.

I’m also left bemused that they didn’t manage to garner a cult following similar to a few other genre late comers like Tyketto, Firehouse and Trixter. They have the timeless rock anthem (Wild and Crazy Days) and the emotional power ballad (Forever) which was essential to a bands success back in the day. I think most melodic hard rock fans will enjoy this album and will share similar feelings given the quality of the musicianship shown throughout the entirety of the album.

It is very of its time and sits well in the melodic hard rock scene of 1991, they put me in mind of Poison at times with their song structures and guitar style but also, I get a strong Firehouse vibe but with a singer with a strong soul fuelled vocal. Hit N Run will without a shadow of a doubt appeal to fans of the horribly monikered ‘Hair Metal’ bands. I hate using that term but it has become increasingly more frequently used when referring to bands of the melodic hard rock genre from way back when.

All the songs have a strong backbone of hypnotic rhythms, chunky swaggering guitar riffs, squealing solo’s and evocative smooth vocals. They tick all the right boxes to be extremely popular within melodic rock circles with hooks aplenty and dance floor filling energy. Of course, they also have those fist pumping choruses and demanding sing along chants that we love from bands in this specific genre of music. The songs are undeniably infectious and it’s a really easy album to enjoy and rock out too.

This album might be Twenty-Five years old but I think now is the right time for people to sit back and truly appreciate this album without music and media industry politics spoiling your opinion. I feel these guys had the potential to be something really special, they may have missed the boat first time around but with a new album in the works perhaps there is still time for them to make their mark!

Track Listing: Shot Of Love / Piece of the Action / King Of the Fools / Got The Fire / Forever / Take It To The Limit / She’s So Wild / Love Gone Bad / Wild and Crazy Days

Album Rating: 9/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Wild and Crazy Days