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Helldorados - 'Lesson's In Decay'

posted 31 Dec 2014, 14:01 by Paul Woodward

Review by Woody

German’s Helldorados have been knocking about for a while but their latest album ‘Lesson’s In Decay’ is my first taste of them in action. I do find it amusing that the band name could easily be used for the moniker of a motorcycle club as they are essentially a biker rock band, you can almost smell the exhaust fumes when listening to this one.

Helldorado’s create sleazy at time’s glam tinged old school metal, think Hardcore Superstar and Buckcherry and you’ll have an idea of what these guys are doing. ‘Lessons In Decay’ is raw, reckless, rebellious, beer drenched fist pumping anthems! There is a snarling attitude driven rock n roll vibe with some slight punk touches especially in the vocals.

What you see is what you get with these guys, the play it loud and dirty and that’s exactly what you get, it’s all designed to get you head banging. Don’t expect complicated or technical musical compositions it’s just plain old big guitar riff driven rock n roll debauchery. Vocalist Pierre may not be the strongest singer and does sound a little stretched at times but his particular snarl suits the energy of their music and a better singer would make it too clean and they would lose that rambunctious edge that is stamped all over their songs. Pierre does put me in mind of Rob Halford of Judas Priest at times and indeed I think fans of early priest would enjoy ‘Lessons In Decay’.

Old school eighties metal fuels the sound of this album so it should appeal to the leather and denim brigade who I think would eat up this band and it’s biker rock anthems. It’s got plenty of gang chorus harmony vocals and air punching choruses which should excite fans of no nonsense rock ‘n’ roll. It does have more in common with the brash and brazen rock of modern bands like Hinder and Backyard Babies but those old school influences are so apparent that if you think AC/DC and Motorhead are awesome you would dig this too.

No frills rock can be really enjoyable especially when it’s played just for kicks, there’s absolutely nothing pretentious about these guys it’s just fun let’s get our rock on music. ‘Lesson’s In Decay’ has no hidden messages or agenda’s, no technical musical histrionics just a snarling it’s time to rock attitude. It’s a pretty decent album overall, not spectacular but very enjoyable for what it is. This is the sort of album that is best enjoyed very loud and served with beer whilst driving a motorbike wearing denim.

Track Listing: Seven Deadly Sins / In For The Kill / By The Progress / The Devil Takes The Hindmost / Anytime, Anywhere / Let Us Play / Megalomaniac / Wake Up Dead / To Live Is To Die / Something Sweet / We Won’t Back Down