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Helix – ‘Rock It Science’

posted 7 Sep 2016, 16:19 by Paul Woodward

(Perris Records)

Review By Woody

Rock It Science is a new compilation album from legendary Canadian party rockers Helix. It features a track from virtually every studio album released by the band from their debut Breaking Loose in 1979 to their last studio album Bastard Of The Blues in 2014. It has some of their big hits of course like ‘Rock You’ and ‘Deep Cuts The Knife’ but also some stone cold Helix classics that are less well known from recent years like ‘Make ‘Em Dance’ and ‘Get Up’.

I’ve always liked Helix, they are just fun party rock, no nonsense rock n roll with a great energy. These guys know how to write a song that will get a live audience bouncing around and pumping their fists in the air and as this album proves age hasn’t dampened their rock n roll rambunctiousness as the cuts from latter albums prove. I always find it hard to review, best of and compilation albums as they can always be a really mixed bag in style and quality especially with bands with long careers. Rock It Science runs chronologically so you can hear the band evolve and change but it is all stamped with the Helix mark and it works really well and these tracks would work well as a live set list too!

There is one new song closing the album which is in the stereotypical fun time rock swagger of Helix – ‘(Gene Simmons says) Rock Is Dead’ which was inspired by Simmons recent comments about the state of the music scene and the increase of illegal downloading hitting the financial earnings of musicians and record labels. It’s a really fun song, with its tongue firmly in cheek and a rebellious ‘rock isn’t dead yet’ attitude. A great new addition to the Helix catalogue!

Obviously if you own all of Helix’s studio albums buying this compilation would be superfluous and the only selling point for hardcore collectors is the new song if they didn’t wish to buy it as a digital single. If you’re new to Helix (where have you been!!!) then this is a great starting point as it covers the bands entire career right up to this day. So when starting your Helix collection, you’ll be able to cherry pick what order you buy them based on your favourites here. Obviously other compilations may centre on certain era’s or albums, so this album will give you a more overall taste of the band.

I love Helix and if you like stadium pleasing rock anthems then pick this up, crank it up and give me an R!

Track Listing: Billy Oxygen / You’re A Woman / Heavy Metal Love / Rock You / Deep Cuts The Knife / Wild In The Streets / Good To The Last Drop / Shock City Psycho City / Get Up! / Make em Dance / Even Jesus (wasn’t loved in his hometown) / (Gene Simmons says) Rock Is Dead

Allbum Rating: 10/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Good To The Last Drop