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Heart – ‘Beautiful Broken’

posted 2 Oct 2016, 15:09 by Paul Woodward

(Concord Records)

Review by Woody

Following the extremely disappointing Red Velvet Car Heart’s latest album Language Of Love is a real return to form for the band and its song writing with them sounding fresh and rejuvenated. It’s not a perfect album by any means, but a highly enjoyable one regardless and fans of the Wilson sisters are sure to be happy and find plenty to appreciate on this album. How much you enjoy this album is highly dependent on what you want form a Heart album if you’re looking for the highly polished eighties commercial era of the band you’re going to be unimpressed, but if you enjoy the bands early material and the Wilson sisters’ vocals regardless of style then you’re going to really take to Language of Love.

The album as a whole has a trippy ethereal feel, but it’s essentially early Heart sounding classic rock. It has a fresher sound though because there is some modern touches and contemporary flourishes added to many of the songs making the album far more current. The opening cut ‘Beautiful Broken’ probably showcases these modern touches most directly most notably in the vocal harmonies and the heavier grind to the song.

As a whole most of the songs are laid back and the album is ballad heavy but I think it works well and makes it really easy to listen to from end to end making it a great chill out album. They make lots of use of orchestral backing throughout which not only provides some impressive hooks but also adds to the strong atmospherics and ethereal nature of the music.

Both the Wilson sisters sound stunning and give some really memorable vocal performances for us to enjoy throughout the album, Ann has a very potent vocal and is without doubt one of my favourite vocalists of all time, she has such a stirring way about her delivery which is showcased again here on this album.

One of the highlights is the title track ‘Language of Love’ which is extremely beautiful and stirring and it has a chorus to instantly fall in love with and has a little bit of a retro feel to it which will definitely appeal to fans of early Heart. Other tracks everyone should check out are low slung rocker ‘City’s Burning’, the contemporary feeling ‘I Jump’ and atmospheric ballad ‘Two’ with Nancy on lead vocals.

Track Listing: Beautiful Broken / Two / Sweet Darlin’ / I Jump / Johnny Moon / Heaven / City’s Burning / Down On Me / One Word / Language Of Love

Album Rating: 8/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Language Of Love