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HARD - Time Is Waiting For No One

posted 25 Jul 2011, 06:48 by Paul Woodward   [ updated 25 Jul 2011, 06:50 ]
(Escape Music)

This is the second English language album from Hungarian melodic rockers Hard. The first album “Traveller” was okay, nothing groundbreaking, but I was suitably impressed by a couple of the songs to be interested in hearing more from the band. I also saw the band perform at Z Rock at JBs last May and thought they did a decent job of reproducing their songs live. Although over the past year there have been some line up changes, namely Swedish Bjorn Lodin (Baltimore) has been drafted in as the band's new vocalist.

Don’t expect a direct follow on from Traveller, the band's sound has changed to a more dirty rock 'n' roll style - think AC/DC or Airbourne, only more melodic - leaning them towards Dokken. Some of this might have been down to Lodin’s vocal style, if I’m honest I far preferred original singer Zoltan Batky-Valentin’s voice, but Lodin’s voice is more suited to the style of what’s on offer here on this album.

The album really didn’t hit me at all and most the songs are forgettable, given my own personal taste the change of style isn’t hitting my musical taste buds. Although I think anyone who likes the new wave of classic rock bands like Glyder, Heaven’s Basement and The Answer may find something to like here. But for me it went in one ear and out the other.

The band are at their best on the ballads, which really stand out to me, whilst not being classics they do show the best of the band's talents. The guitar work is far more impressive than on the rockers, and they mix acoustic and electric effectively. “Love Goes With Everything” is a decent melodic rock ballad, which contains some memorable melodies, good harmonies and a catchy chorus. “Nona” is just as good, but with a more 'sing-a-longable' chorus!  Weakest of the bunch, but still worth a mention, is album closer “Four Leaf Clover” which has a Beatles flavour to it. Some of the guitar melodies put me in mind of the Manic Street Preachers classic “Motorcycle Emptiness” for some reason, maybe it’s the similar type of guitar style as opposed to similar melody.

Of the Rockers the stand out track is “Into The Fire”, which the band do have a video for if you want to track it down on the ol’ t’internet. To be honest I’m not fussed with the song and found the album very unimpressive and forgettable, which to be honest given the promise the band had shown previously was very disappointing. Maybe the change in musical direction has thrown me, not my thing at all.

Everyone should check out the song “My Kind of Woman”, because I need to know if I’m the only one who can’t help chuckling /smirking every time I hear the line “I ain’t so tough when she grab my balls oooooo oooooo”. Now it’s not the words! It’s the sound of the oooo’s directly after those words. If it’s just me I think I need help……care in the community don’t work people! You just can’t get the drugs out here.

Track Listing: Time Is Waiting For No One / Black Clouds / Lonesome Loneliness / Love Goes With Anything / Magical Pretence / Into the Fire / The Pace & The Flow / My Kind Of Woman / Nona / Shine On Me Now / Four-Leaf Clover

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Woody’s Essential Track:
Love Goes With Everything

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