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GIG – ‘Brave New World’

posted 21 May 2018, 11:35 by Paul Woodward

(Contante & Sonate Records)

Review By Woody

You’ll be very familiar with the musicians behind GIG, whether you know it or not as they have all written and recorded with some big names from the world of rock and pop over the years. Randy Goodrum (Vocals), Dave Innis (Keyboards) and Bruce Gaitsch (guitars) – will be very familiar names to most west coast fanatics and they have written songs that those unfamiliar with those names will definitely be familiar with! This album is extremely limited edition so if those names pique your interest I suggest you track a copy down immediately to avoid disappointment.

Brave New World is West Coast pop, it’s beautiful and atmospheric, a great chill out album that’s ideal for these lazy summer afternoons. It’s totally relaxing and gives off a serene atmosphere which is sure to chase away any troubles and take the edge off the close to any hard work day. Most the songs are acoustic guitar and piano driven compositions full of smooth melodies which just wash over you and make for a very easy to listen to collection of songs. Randy Goodrum’s vocals are delicate, smooth and tranquil and are perfect for this style of atmospheric music.

Lyrically most the songs have a story telling feel to them which gives the song’s a deeper and intellectual impression. It’s not traditional sing along style lyric’s but they are entertaining and add to the laid-back unwinding atmospheric that GIG is going for. These aren’t songs that jump out at you, they work their melodies on you subtly working their way into your consciousness as you let the music flow over you.

It’s a strong and solid album, picking stand out tracks is quite difficult. The reflective ‘All There Is’, the delightful chorus on ‘Waiting’ with it’s memorable piano part and the relaxing and delicate ‘Private O’Toole’ are all strong tracks. ‘Peddler Pete’ is a great example of the storytelling lyric’s Goodrum has written for this album and I love the harmonica parts which really add to the feel of the story.

The final track, ‘All I Ever Need’ was written by Michael Haddad in the early nineties and originally featured the late Warren Wiebe on vocals. GIG have re-recorded the music and with kind permission used Wiebe’s vocals on their version of the song. It’s great they used Wiebe’s vocals he had such a strong and beautiful voice and it’s a nice treat for fans and tribute to the man.

Given the names involved in this album (those that make up the titular acronym GIG) it’s unsurprising that Brave New World contains impeccable musicianship and stellar song writing given their wealth of experience and noteworthy past compositions. It’s Very soft rock and veers more towards Pop than Rock so it won’t appeal to everyone’s individual tastes but trust me if West Coast is your thing this album is going to tickle your fancy nicely!

The style of music GIG create may only appeal to a very niche market but that doesn’t take away none of the quality from the performances or songs contained on this wonderful album. Brave New World is essential listening for true West Coast fans.

Track Listing: Private O’Toole / Hernando’s Paradise / The Box / Peddler Pete / Waiting / Ramblin Dan / Little Flame / All There Is / Isle Of Pigs / Brave New World / All I Ever Need

Album Rating: 8/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Peddler Pete