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Frail Sincerity – ‘S/T’

posted 14 Jan 2016, 05:02 by Paul Woodward

(Shining Records)

Review by Woody

Frail Sincerity are a new blues based hard rock band put together by Neil Haworth from N.W.O.B.H.M band Legend. Haworth also wrote all the songs on the album with an aim to emulate the classic hard rock sound of the eighties. It’s pretty damn good too, although even though Haworth intended this album to have a retro feel given the popularity of a lot of blues based hard rock bands at the moment the debut Frail Sincerity has a real chance of hitting a wider audience with fans of the likes of Black Stone Cherry who should dig this album hard.

There’s a lot of bands I could throw at you who the style and songs remind me of and some of them are quite varied which I think highlights Haworth’s versatility as a song writer. As a collection of songs this album is quite diverse going from swaggering blues based classic rockers to smooth infectious guitar hooks and choruses giving a more melodic tone. There’s AC/DC style moments and that rambunctious raw rock n roll energy that bands name should imply but I also hear a lot of classic rock swagger and a lot of strong melodic influences akin to Kingdom Come and The Scorpions. One of the biggest compliments I could pay the band though is most the bands Frail Sincerity evoke I would say they have by the far best vocalist in Zoltan Pallot than those famous comparisons, who is straight from the school of seventies hard rock in his style and delivery.

This is a very guitar riff driven album, you still have some amazing vocal moments and choruses but a lot of the time it’s the guitar riffs that hook you in. You get a lot of Michael Schenker style riffage and also on occasion Haworth’s N.W.O.B.H.M roots are apparent on the more melodic and epic guitar licks and hooks. It is a killer debut album and they have set the bar very high for the follow up album which is already planned for next year.

It’s a pretty solid album but highlights include the Kingdom Come style classic rock meets melodic rock of ‘When The Morning Comes’, the fist pumping rambunctious rocker ‘I Want It Now’, the swaggering ‘Take It If You Want It’ and the album closer ‘The First Time’ which possibly contains the most infectious riff ever written.

Old school eighties hard rock fans who think it doesn’t get much better than MSG, The Scorpions, Kingdom Come and AC/DC should hunt down this Indie release and prepare to discover a new favourite band. Sometimes these indie releases fly under our radar, but this one isn’t to be missed!

Track Listing: Hell Or High Water / When The Morning Comes / Sweet California Dreaming / Evermore / I Want It Now / Devil In Me / Preacher Man / Take It If You Want It / Devil’s Charm / The First Time

Album Rating: 8/10

Woody’s Essential Track: I Want It Now