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Dog Face - 'Back On The Streets'

posted 31 Dec 2013, 07:59 by Paul Woodward
(AOR Heaven)

Review By Woody

This is the third belated album from Dogface who achieved reasonable success with 2000’s ‘Unleashed’ and 2002’s ‘In Control’ before vocalist Mats Leven and guitarist Martin Kronlund moved onto various other projects. Kronlund most notably went on to become a well respected and busy producer and one I personally always think delivers crisp and top quality productions.

‘Back On The Streets’ is in the main heavy edged rock, with touches of classic rock and huge melodic sensibilities. It does however have some slight quirky and offbeat moments making it far from a mainstream record, but that’s not a bad thing it adds to the enjoyment of the album giving Dogface their own flavour. ‘Start A Fire’ is a great example of the offbeat nature of this album working so well, as its unconventional structure delivers you up to a powerful and driven chorus. It’s a truly unforgettable song witch really gets under your skin and gets you head banging.

Whilst on the whole I think this is a pretty strong album, the last two songs on the album are a real let down and are a real bizarre end to what had come before it. The  cover of The Osmond’s ‘Crazy Horses’ and the Beatles on acid flavour of the mental ‘Freaking Out’ are proper WTF! moments. But taking these two songs out of the mix what you are left with is pretty awesome record and those who like their melodic rock with a bit of bite or a dash of classic rock flair should be pretty happy!

I can’t fault guitarist Kronlund as a producer but I have always found his own personal music output very hit and miss but after my first listen to ‘Back On The Streets’ I can confidently say that Dogface is his calling and showcases him as a killer guitarist with a flair for driving rhythms and classic rock riffs. I have to say I really like the bite to Leven’s vocals and it adds some real power to these songs but he never strays too far from the melodic path.

Kronlund dusts of ‘Fired’ which featured on the Gypsy Rose ‘Another World’ album back in 2008, which he featured on with American vocalist David Reece. This re-recorded version is just as awesome and that wonderful chorus makes it a real melodic rock classic to me.

‘Back On The Streets’ is something a little bit different but ultimately very enjoyable. If you like your Hammond keyboards this album will definitely tickle your fancy as they are loud and proud all over it and that’s where most of the classic rock vibe comes from. This album has the potential to appeal to both melodic rock and classic rock fans so if you dig both, BINGO!

Track Listing: Footsteps On The Moon / Can’t Face Tomorrow / Higher / The Fall / Back On The Streets / Fired / Get Up / Start A Fire / Crazy Horses / Freaking Out

Album Rating: 7/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Start A Fire