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Dirty Diamonds - 'Let's Get Loud'

posted 14 Oct 2014, 13:41 by Paul Woodward

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Review by Woody

My heart sank when I saw I’d been assigned to review the debut album Let’s Get Loud from Ireland’s Dirty Diamonds I really felt like I’d pulled the short straw and I was dreading giving it a listen. The band’s debut EP was universally panned across the board in the music press, were not talking just negative reviews were talking really harsh criticisms of every aspect of the band and its music. There have been some dramatic changes in the bands personnel since then which includes band leader Jonathan Ryan changing his role in the band from drummer to lead vocalist. Ryan has stated following comments made about them by respected music journalists, that he took a long hard look at the band and its music and took onboard and assessed the criticisms and aimed to bounce back with a far better showcase of his songs.

Well it seems that Dirty Diamonds have taken a big leap forward as Let’s Get Loud is nothing like I was expecting. It’s not perfect but for what it is it is a very enjoyable and a pretty good overall collection of songs. It has a very old school British heavy metal feel, you know fist pumping gang style choruses with a strong sense of melody. You do hear their love of classic metal in there but I do think they have a smoother polish and slightly more melodic sheen than the bands that inspired them. A couple of tracks make me think of early Judas Priest and in others the raw rock n roll of early The Almighty.

I am highly curious as to why Ryan was never always the vocalist cause judged on his performances on this album his bombastic booming vocal style is a perfect fit for this style of gutsy rock n roll swagger. The impassioned melodic rocker ‘Want You To Want Me’ is probably one of my favourites, probably the smoothest track here, but it’s the ballsy shout it loud rock n roll of ‘Your Goin Down’, ‘Last Chance For Love’, ‘Crash and Burn’ and ‘Hell Or High Water’ that will really excite listeners.

Ryan is obviously very passionate about his songs and it’s pleasing to hear him and his bands mates get it right this time around. Sometimes passion is not enough to craft quality music, but sometimes hard work and dedication does pay off! Let’s Get Loud isn’t going to win any awards but the average fan of balls out melodic rock should really enjoy its dirty rambunctious rock and roll swagger. You’re going to need your denim and leather ready for when you play this, a shed load of denim actually and probably a mullet.

Track Listing: Let’s Get Loud / Goin’ Down / Against The Grain / Last Chance For Love / Crash & Burn / Want You To Want Me / Wakin’ Up The Neighbourhood / Sex With No Strings / Hell Or High Water / Leaving Town / Paradise & Tropicana / A Wandering Heart

Album Rating: 7/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Want You To Want Me

Track By Track:

‘Let’s Get Loud’ has on old school British metal feel especially apparent on the guitar solo – it may be metallic but has a strong sense of melody. ‘Goin’ Down’ is a ballsy rambunctious rocker. ‘Against The Grain’ is a pounding driven rocker.

‘Last Chance For Love’ is a polished rocker with a strong melodic slant on this ballsy rocker. ‘Crash & Burn’ has elements of early The Almighty going on – It’s powerful with a fist pumping chorus. ‘Want You To Want Me’ is a real favourite of mine, an impassioned melodic rocker with an impressive sweeping chorus.

‘Wakin Up The Neighbourhood’ is another one with a more melodic less metallic flavour, it has a cool swagger. ‘Sex With No Strings’ is a rambunctious attitude driven rocker with a bombastic vocal delivery. ‘Hell Or High Water’ is a fist pumping metal number, the sort of thing old school Judas Priest would have been proud of.

‘Leaving Town’ is a driven rocker with a rock n roll swagger. ‘Paradise & Tropicana’ is a softer track with a potent pop vibe. It’s there summer tune, feel good and uplifting. ‘A Wandering Heart’ has a southern rock flavour not just in the guitar riffs but also in the flow of the vocal melodies. With its smooth chorus it makes for another album highlight.