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Diamond Head – ‘Lightning To The Nations’

posted 6 Jan 2017, 06:53 by Paul Woodward

(Cherry Red)

Review by Woody

‘Lightning To The Nations’ or as it is more widely and lovingly regarded to as ‘The White Album’ from Cult Black Country NWOBHM band Diamond Head is their definitive album. This is the one that features their most widely known song ‘Am I Evil’ and if you’re into rock and metal in general it is an essential album to have. This new re-issue is probably the best quality sound reproduction you’re going to get on CD, so while this is an ideal time to add this album to your collection if you don’t already own it, for many die-hard fans it is still well worth laying your hands on. Of course, this nice looking digi-pack with booklet full of linear notes from Classic Rock scribe Dave Everley and bonus CD make it extremely good value for money. The bonus CD is compiled from singles and EP’s and are not featured on any of the bands albums so unless you own the original vinyl singles this makes them extremely rare so it makes the bonus disc extremely valuable to Diamond Head collectors.

Diamond Head are more famous and widely popular than they were when they emerged onto the burgeoning and hugely popular NWOBHM scene because of the support and acknowledgement of Metallica who state unequivocally that Diamond Head inspired them and if the band hadn’t existed neither would they. The badge of approval from Metallica exposed Diamond Head to a larger audience and has also helped keep the band alive and they are still going today and have recently released a new album which is also worth getting.

It’s quite surprising the band never made a bigger splash at the time with Tatler’s memorable metallic riffs and Harris’s impressive vocals. There is no denying this album is clearly one of the strongest albums to come out of the NWOBHM scene. You can hear the proto-thrash element to the songs rhythms and guitar riffs which in retrospect are obvious influences to Metallica’s sound. For me this is an essential purchase of one of the best Metal cult acts ever who should have been a lot bigger than they were!

Track Listing: Disc One – ‘The White Album’ - / Lightning To The Nations / The Prince / Sucking My Love / Am I Evil / Sweet and Innocent / It’s Electric / Helpless

Disc Two – ‘The Singles’ - / Shoot Out the Lights / Streets Of Gold / Waited Too Long / Play It Loud / Diamond Lights / We Won’t Be Back / I Don’t Got

Album Rating: 10/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Am I Evil