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Danger Angel - Danger Angel

posted 25 Jul 2011, 07:54 by Paul Woodward   [ updated 25 Jul 2011, 11:19 ]
(Perris Records)
Danger Angel are a Greek band consisting of Jimmy Cage
Vocals, Ethan Chionos Guitars, Spiros Foussekis Guitars, Antonis Venieris Drums, Rudy Rallis Bass & George AHAS Lignos Keyboards. Another 80s inspired melodic rock band on the Perris record label which features a guest appearance from genre legend Jeff Scott Soto on vocals for one track. The band formed in Athens, Greece in 2006 but this self titled album is their debut.
I have to say Jimmy Cages voice can sometimes be an acquired taste, he does sound better on some songs more than others, perhaps on the type of songs where his vocal style works better. I think his voice may turn people off, but it would be a great shame if people heard one song and dismissed it without checking out the album as there is some decent stuff on here if you give it a spin, definitely a good platform to start on which will hopefully lead to a stronger second album. I really like some of George Lignos subtle keyboard work on this album which not only gives it a softer AOR approach at times but also makes some songs far more enjoyable.

Opening with Cmon Rock Me a riff driven rocker opens the album positively with a swaggering energy. A smooth attention grabbing chorus backed with some cool keyboard work from George Lignos. Runaway Angel has a cool opening riff, some great memorable keyboards throughout the chorus is ok but could have benefited from stronger vocals. Poison Dreams is a bit of filler and doesnt grab me at all, the keyboards on the chorus are really good though.” I’ll Be There For You is a typical sounding 80s soft rock ballad a nice idea, but not very original and nowt remember able.

The best part of the album to me is the middle section starting with Rebel Son which has a great opening riff infused with some great keyboards. A decent chorus and a memorable guitar riff make this a standout song. Jeff Scott Soto then guests on Never let You Go which has a great 80s soft melodic rock vibe to it. Featuring fantastic melodies on the chorus and JSSs vocals really do stand out and he really gives the song some power. Although the quality of JSSs vocals does highlight the difference in quality between the two singers, maybe not the best idea to have this track smack dab in the middle of the album but it is a great track. Luckily for Johnny the tracks surrounding this one are probably his better vocal performances. Rocker Hangover is a cool up-tempo slice of melodic rock with a really memorable chorus with some kick ass keyboards once again!

Together Forever has a very strong AOR vibe especially in the really memorable chorus. Probably the most AOR song on the entire album with its keyboard heavy stance another stand out track! The Rain is another 80s inspired song. A mid tempo ballad which is very memorable. Ballad Till the End of Time is a duet which features a guest female vocal performance from Peggy Zarou - I have to say I REALLY like Peggys voice. The song puts me in mind of Crimson Glory for some reason. The song does lack that killer punch but it is the best ballad on offer from the band.

Until The Morning Light is a rocker with a smooth melodic chorus and some cool keyboard parts. 9202 is an instrumental not my thing at all skip. The album closes with Burning Hearts a traditional 80s melodic rock sounding tune with some memorable guitar and keyboard parts A good way to finish the album.

A band that wear their 80s rock influences firmly on their sleeve, but more towards the softer rock end of the spectrum if you like Bon Jovi or Honeymoon Suite this may be worth you checking out. There are some nice ideas on here but for me a lot of the songs lack that killer punch and some of the songs just fall short of making a lasting impression. For a debut album though its pretty promising, Id like to see the band grow from this.
Track Listing:
Com On Rock Me / Runaway Angel / Poison Dreams / Ill Be There For You / Rebel Son / Never Let You Go / Hangover / Together Forever / The Rain / Till End Of Time / Until The Morning Light / 9202 / Burning Hearts
Album Rating:
Woodys Essential Track: Together Forever

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