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Dakesis – ‘The New Dawn’

posted 26 Jul 2016, 09:09 by Paul Woodward


Review by Woody

Dakesis hail from Birmingham and they create a style of music you tend to associate with bands from the Symphonic Metal strongholds of Finland and Holland. The New Dawn sees the band evolving and developing their sound and it is a major leap forward in song writing, production and the overall impact of their songs. If you were unaware of Dakesis’s origins, you’d think this album had come from a Dutch band on a big label who’d provided them with a hefty recording and production budget such is the high level of production and musicianship displayed here.

A word that has been used frequently in the past about Dakesis is ‘Cheesy’ and their brand of power metal did have a little cheesiness about it like most power metal bands. There is absolutely nothing cheesy about The New Dawn the band have evolved into a very serious and impressive Symphonic metal band. Dakesis have a very distinct sound of their own, but given that they tick so many boxes in the Symphonic metal fans books they are definitely going to be enjoyed by fans of genre big boys Nightwish and Within Temptation.

The album has a really slick and professional production which doesn’t sound right coming from a small self-financed band from Birmingham, but it is hard work and money well spent as this level of production will definitely impress fans and push them onto the big time. As you’d expect from a Symphonic album it’s epic and grandiose with massive atmospherics, soaring powerful vocals accompanied by lush choral vocal harmonies throughout.

They still have power metal elements in their song writing alongside lots of Prog influences especially in their song structures and atmospherics. This mix of influences in their song writing gives them a distinct sound whilst still falling squarely in the Symphonic genre.

It’s a very heavy album with a lots of songs featuring breakneck speed rhythm sections and lightning speed guitar licks and riffs. Guitarist Matt Jones must have very dexterous fingers because some of his guitar playing is crazy fast even when going for chunkier sharp metal riffs they tend to be on the speedy side of things!

On a personal note this album is nowhere near as commercial as I tend to like my music but I’m still stunned with just how epic and impressive the songs and musicianship are on this album. Looking at it from an outside perspective your average Symphonic fan should instantly fall in love with The New Dawn as it is definitely one of the strongest and most complete albums I’ve heard from within this genre.

The album as a whole feature some delightfully sumptuous vocal harmonies and vocalist Gemma Lawler really stands out for me and it’s her voice and performance that have me coming back to the album for repeated listens. She has a huge voice which is very melodious and smooth but she can also make it soar and hold those high notes when needed as you’d expect from this style of music – genre fans are sure to love her performances and for me her name could easily be mentioned alongside Simons, Van Adel and Turunen.

Highlights from the album include the epic metal of ‘Destined For The Flame’ the anthemic ‘Call To Freedom’ and the emotive epic ballad ‘Autumn’.

The New Dawn is a must buy album for serious Metal fans! Symphonic fans will revel in and by overjoyed by its epic-ness and surely hail Lawler as one of the genre’s best voices!

Track Listing: Overture The Darkest Hour / The New Dawn / Betrayal / Destined For The Flame / The Great Insurrection / To Conquer Or Die / Intermezzo Meridian / Judgement Day / The Sacrifice / Autumn / The Seventh Sky / Call To Freedom / By The Fading Light

Album Rating: 8/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Autumn