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Cruzh – ‘Cruzh’

posted 11 Aug 2016, 11:59 by Paul Woodward

(Frontiers Records)

Review By Woody

I really hope Cruzh aren’t one album wonders because I LIVE for albums like this, the debut album from the Swede’s is sheer joyous melodic awesomeness. They haven’t reinvented the wheel but with this album they have created an uplifting summertime melodic beauty of an album – for me this is perfection. Although they aren’t carving out a new musical genre they haven’t fallen foul of the lacklustre melodic rock by numbers trap that many current genre bands fall into. It’s an extremely exciting and addictive listen and although there may be nothing new or innovative about the Cruzh sound they know how to craft a wonderfully hook filled melodic rock song. Their sound and influences owe a lot to a bygone era but with a slick production and killer song writing they are very much in the here and now!

It’s an instantly gratifying album and although on the surface a little lightweight there is enough depth and emotion in the songs and lyrics to give the album as a whole a bit of meat on its bones and for me guaranteeing that I will return to it frequently even after the initial buzz subsides. It’s sure to feature on my playlists for every summer now on.

Cruzh give all us melodic rockers everything we desire from an album, smooth choruses, unforgettable Keyboard licks, melodic guitar hooks that get right under your skin. There is some pop-rock element’s to the three pieces’ song writing which only emphasises the catchiness of all the songs, whilst it never softens the sound it does make them more accessible to non-rockers. AOR fans will also be awe struck by some really haunting vocal melodies and loud and proud synth-tastic keyboards.

I really like the smooth vocals on the album and the heavy use of vocal harmonies and the multi layered vocals really accentuate the impact of some killer vocal melodies and delivering some beautifully addictive moments on the album. For the air-keyboardists amongst us there is loads of prominent soaring keyboards, pulsing licks and sweeping hooks for us to get rather excitable about.

The guitar work does add some crunch and rock but it steers vehemently clear of aggression and heaviness. It’s all melody all the time, stunningly effective and hook filled adding its own layer of delicious melody to the soundscape. Some of the solo’s and riffs are simply stunning and get stuck in your consciousness as soon as you hear them.

The songs have a really rich, full sound and there is some killer atmospherics’ going on which emphasis the impact of certain songs on the listener. It is an emotional and heartfelt album in its content and delivery so it makes it a really easy album to connect with. This album is full of infectious rockers with sing along choruses and emotion dripping ballads which hook you instantly. Personally if you don’t like this album I’m pretty sure you don’t like feel-good music irrespective of genre.

I love the album from top to bottom but special mentions have to go out to the delicious melodic gems ‘Hard To Get’, ‘Aim For The Head’ and the epic ballad ‘Straight From The Heart’.

A thoroughly exciting and energetic album full of big choruses it’s jaw droppingly impressive and Cruzh are destined to light up the lives of those who love highly melodic rock. All hail the new kings of Scandi-rock!

Track Listing: In n’ Out Of Love/ First Cruzh / Aim For The Head / Anything For You / Survive / Stay / Hard To Get / You / Set Me Free / Before I Walk Alone / Straight From My Heart

Album Rating: 10/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Hard To Get