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Crosson – ‘Spreading The Rock N Roll Disease’

posted 5 Jan 2017, 07:34 by Paul Woodward


Review by Woody

Grandiose Australian rockers Crosson don’t take themselves too seriously and have a fun party edge to their pompous, strutting and irreverent rock n roll! ‘Spreading The Rock N Roll Disease’ is their debut album and it makes a great first impression, but it has a slight throwaway feel to it so after repeated plays it does lose some of that initial shine.

The songs have a strong theatrical feel to them and personally that can be a little off putting at times but I think fans of bands like Queen and Meatloaf will lap up these elements of the bands delivery. Obviously that overblown attitude gives these songs a stadium rock touch and I’m sure many of these larger than life songs will blow some socks off when performed live!

It’s an extremely fun album which you can just switch off and rock out too. It’s far from perfect, with a few clunkers in the mix, but some strong anthemic melodic rockers make it a very easy album to listen too. It can be a little bit frivolous but it does a great job of scratching that itch when you’re looking for something fun to get the party started.

Crosson have a strong backbeat and crunching guitar riffs which gives the songs a decent punch but some ultra-slick melodies and loud and proud vocal harmonies keep it really melodic. I love the female backing vocals which add a lot to the band’s sound and occasionally give us some killer BV hooks. These BV’s also bolster and accentuate their theatrical sound.

I think the average melodic rock fan will be in heaven with tracks like the stand out ‘Rip Out My Heart’ which is guaranteed to have them pumping their fists and singing along. There are some really infectious rockers amongst the theatre and tongue in cheek song writing which I’m sure will appeal to many fun time rockers and should surely see them win lots of fans.

When they are firing on all cylinders they give us some killer tunes (Lies / Take Another Shot) but when they are cruising they can really suck (Taxman / Horizontal Bop). On the whole it’s enjoyable rock n roll decadence, but a few fly’s in the soup stop it from been a total knockout.

Track Listing: Spreading The Rock N Roll Disease / All About The Music / Lies / Take Another Shot / Taxman / I’m Not Afraid / Horizontal Bop / Rip Out My Heart / Rock For Your Money / Rise

Album Rating: 7/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Rip Out My Heart