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Crazy Lixx - New Religion

posted 25 Jul 2011, 07:07 by Paul Woodward
(Frontiers Records)
Young Swedish sleaze glam rock band Crazy Lixx return with second album “New Religion”. Original Lead Guitarist Vic Zino got snapped up by Hardcore Superstar so now joining Danny Rexon (Vocals), Luke Rivano (Bass) and Joey Cirera (Drums) is new boy Andy Dawson on guitars. The band caused quite a stir with their 2007 debut “Loud Minority” and have been rubbing shoulders with a large crowd of new exciting sleaze rock bands emerging from Sweden including Crashdiet, the aforementioned Hardcore Superstar, Vains of Jenna and Babylon Bombs.

I really liked the band's debut although a lot of the sleaze bands don’t always appeal to my AOR loving eardrums; I think the band blended the dirty attitude of sleaze with a big dose of melodic hard rock, which is why it grabbed my attention.  I thought the band showed a lot of promise so I had high expectations when I put this one on the stereo! I can happily say I wasn’t disappointed, it’s a thousand times better than the debut!  The band have really delivered a high quality solid album, maybe less sleazy in style than it's predecessor, but don’t worry that sleaze attitude is still present!  Listening to the album I think the sound and style is more akin to the bands who littered the LA strip in the 80s rock scene.  I think this album has a more traditional smooth melodic hard rock sound, which potentially makes the band more accessible to a wider audience.

Chris Laney produced the album, a name I’m hearing more and more about.  He did a stellar job on sleaze glam rocker Steevi Jaimz recent album “My Private Hell”, not an artist who I’ve ever took to but Laney got the best out of him, and I can’t highly recommend that album enough to sleaze lovers everywhere.  Laney again gives the band a great production and gives these songs the quality sound they deserve. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from him.

The band have definitely replaced their guitarist well as one of the highlights of the album is the guitar playing delivered by Andy Dawson. There are some great solos, riffs and some excellent licks which bring out the best in many of the songs, whether it's upfront and in your face or subtlety tickling your eardrums embedded in the song.  A fantastic performance from an extremely talented guitar player.

The album opens with sleazy rock anthem “Rock and a Hard Place” which starts proceedings with a bang and a head banging chorus. “My Medicine” straight from the 80s LA strip rock scene, a sure-fire hit rocker with a nastily infectious guitar lick in the chorus, awesome guitar work - I listened to this one a few times before continuing my first spin of the album.  Rock Anthem “21 ‘til I Die” is full of attitude and has a great upbeat tempo, an excellent hook filled bridge before bursting into a rabble rousing howl-at-the-moon chorus.

“Blame It On Love” is probably the most straight ahead melodic hard rock tune on the album; I really like the lyrics to this one as well.  A highly melodic chorus is accompanied by a killer guitar lick which just makes this song catchy as hell.  “Road to Babylon” is another rabble rousing rocker which has some great vocal harmonies, this song will definitely come to life onstage! “Children of the Cross” has a cool opening guitar part which continues in the verses, the bridge has a big riff which builds up to a driving head-nodder of a chorus.

“The Witching Hour” has a big dirty sleazy riff, a highly melodic catchy-as-hell bridge and a chorus featuring a fantastic guitar lick, actually the song as a whole features some wonderful guitar playing from Andy Dawson. “Lock Up Your Daughter” has some infectious harmonies, a great riff and a big anthemic chorus!  An air punching rocking dance floor filler which I think will also translate really well live. “She’s Mine” has a melodic sing along chorus, a big riff and some well used harmonies which bring out the best in the song.

“What of Our Love” is the album’s power ballad, and puts me in mind of some of the 80/90s Aerosmith ballads.  It has some sweeping keyboard parts which really grab my attention and a great bridge which builds to a lighter-waving chorus.  This will be the one that’ll have all the ladies swooning and rushing to the front when performed live!  Instrumental “Desert Bloom” was written by Conny Blom and is basically a build-up vibe for the last song on the album - a bit of a jangly Americana piece.  “Voodoo Woman” is a real grower, I didn’t hit me on first spin, but that chorus will get you eventually!  Some great guitar licks and a memorable melodic chorus make it a fitting closer to the album.

The album is full of rabble rousing rock anthems, with a really fresh and energetic feel to it.  I think fans of not just Sleaze but also melodic hard rock are going to love “New Religion”.  Yet another high quality release on the Frontiers Records label.  So I suggest you go buy this, crank it up to 11, crack open the beers cause its time to ROCK!

Track Listing: Rock and a Hard Place / My Medicine / 21 ‘til I Die / Blame It on Love / Road To Babylon / Children Of The Cross / The Witching Hour / Lock Up Your Daughter / She’s Mine / What Of Our Love / Desert Bloom / Voodoo Woman

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Woody’s Essential Track: Blame It on Love

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