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Crashdiet - Generation Wild

posted 25 Jul 2011, 07:41 by Paul Woodward   [ updated 25 Jul 2011, 07:46 ]
(Frontiers Records)

Review by Woody

Swedish band Crashdiet are a sleazy 80’s LA strip inspired rock and roll band, there seems to be a glut of really good bands at the moment in this vein - a lot of them coming from Scandinavia as well. The band have undergone some changes with their vocalists after the tragic death of their original singer Dave Lepard in 2006, they then hired a singer called Olliver who performed on the band’s second album but for this album we get a new vocalist in the form of Simon Cruz.

I’m totally blown away by this album and it continues the recent high quality output from the glut of sleaze bands emerging with new albums this year. It’s Motley Crue, Skid Row inspired sing along, head banging, energetic, rabble rousing rock and roll! An album chock full of energy, passion & hard rocking sleazy anthemic songs!

“Armageddon” is an energetic big riff rocker with a big shout it out loud chorus. Sleazy rocker “So Alive” is highly melodic with a big chorus and some great subtle guitar licks especially in the chorus. Catchy melodies that’ll grab you instantly and have you rocking! Sleaze anthem “Generation Wild” is a Skid Row fuelled song full of rock and roll rebellion, a kick ass riff and an instant sing along fist raising chorus.

“Rebel” is a driving head banging full force rocker a real rebel rouser - just as the chorus asks you to be! “Save Her” is a real stand out track as it shows a different side to the band especially in the more emotive lyrics. A killer guitar riff accompanies probably the best vocal performance on the album which powerfully deliver the lyrics effectively and passionately, it sure as shit had me singing along! The album returns to their brand of sleazy anthems with “Down In The Dirt” another big riff rocker coupled with a big rabble rousing chorus.

“Native Nature” is a bit of filler to me, but keeps up the energy of the album. Nowhere near as memorable as the rest of the album. “Chemical” is a punk fuelled laid back rocker with a smooth chorus and a killer hook laden bridge. “Bound To Fall” will hit you instantly with its big melodic chorus and cool guitar licks. “Beautiful Pain” opens with an atmospheric guitar riff, the closest thing to a ballad on offer here which has an effectively melodic chorus and some more cool guitar work. It’s a song that also shows the versatility of the vocalist who can deliver both melody and grit when needed.

Martin Sweet’s Guitar work shines and creates some fantastic memorable riffs and I have to say I’m impressed with new vocalist Simon Cruz who is extremely versatile and gives the band more depth and options musically than many of their peers. I expect this band to go from strength to strength especially if they can solidify this line-up!

An album sleaze lover’s are going to shout about for a long time. A hard rocking goodie with a massive scream of a rebellious call to arms! It’s big, loud & nasty SO Crank it up and shout it out loud!

Track Listing:

442 (intro) / Armageddon / So Alive / Generation Wild / Rebel / Save Her / Down With The Dust / Native Nature / Chemical / Bound To Fall / Beautiful Pain

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Woody’s Essential Track:

Save Her
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