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Chris Laney - Only Come Out At Night

posted 25 Jul 2011, 08:02 by Paul Woodward   [ updated 25 Jul 2011, 11:16 ]
(Metal Heaven)
Chris Laney is a name that I’ve been hearing more and more of in recent years and whilst his name is new to me it seems the Swedish musician has been involved in music one way or another since he was 13. “Only Come Out At Night” is Chris’s second album following on from the critically acclaimed debut album “Pure” – an album I really need to track down and give a spin. Chris is a multi-instrumentalist but he’s also making a name for himself as a producer working with bands like Candlemass, H.E.A.T, Crazy Lixx & Steevi Jaimz to much acclaim. Whilst Chris performs most of the instruments on the album, and also sings he has also drafted in Ian Haugland On Drums and Nalle Pahlsson on bass(who seems to be everywhere at the moment – Treat / Last Autumns Dream). Chris is very quickly making friends in the Biz and his new album features Bruce Kulick as a guest writer and guest performances from Brian Robertson & Conny Bloom.

I was far more impressed with this album than I thought I would be, I’d never gotten my hands on “Pure” because I thought it was going to be a guitar virtuoso type record full of fastest finger twiddling nonsense and artistic snore fest type songs. Obviously what we get here is far from what I thought it was going to be, the album is a real melodic gem full of hooks and catchy as hell stadium rock. Chris is obviously a fan of the likes of Def Leppard as the album is littered with comparisons especially in the multi layered vocal harmony styles on many of the songs. The album has stadium rock stamped all over it, but the songs do have a darker, moodier edge than you would expect from say someone like Def Leppard. There is a load of big melodic sing along choruses and there is a great energy and vibe to the album as a whole which makes many of these songs perfect rock dance floor fillers. Chris is obviously a talented Guitar player creating many memorable and infectious riff’s and licks throughout the album. He also has a decent voice, which is not always the case with multi instrumentalists who want to do it all, he doesn’t try to strain his voice he works within his capabilities and creates some fantastic moments on the album. One of his great strengths is in the song writing department as he has a real ear for killer hooks and melodies which will grab your attention and turn songs from good to fooking awesome in a heartbeat!

The album opens with the dark & brooding “Only Comes Out At Night” which wears its Def Leppard influences to the front in the harmonies through out the song and a killer crunching Led Zeppelin style guitar riff. “Love So Bad” has a great vibe and a kick ass riff, an infectious beat and instant chorus make it a real rock dance floor filler – There’s also a killer guitar solo in there too! Another dance floor filler is “Rockstar” which has a chanting mob style chorus another heavy dose of Def Leppard style rock n roll.

“B4 Its 2Late” builds to an instant smooth chorus and has a killer keyboard part throughout which enhances the song immensely. The song features some great hook filled guitar work and a fantastic melodic solo. “Eye’s Out Poppin” would be an old school choice for lead single with it’s no nonsense catchy as hell sing along rock n roll stance. An infectious hook filled rocker with a stomping chant along chorus which will embed itself on your sub conscious – One of those songs you can’t help dancing too with its infectious energy. “One Kiss Tonight” is pure melodic bliss, full of hooks and instant, infectious guitar licks and a killer chorus most bands would sell there grannies for to have written! A sure-fire hit for melodic rock fans!

“Gotta Run” opens with a full on in your face guitar riff, a driving guitar driven rocker full of energy and guitar licks. “Playing With Fire” is another smooth melodic rock classic in the making with a great energy that’ll have you dancing and screeching along. Another big catchy sing along chorus with some more of his hook filled guitar licks. This song also shows off Laney’s ear for hooks and how to use them most effectively, catchy? No! That doesn’t do these hooks justice! “Crush” is a crunching guitar driven rocker with a punchy chorus.

High energy dance floor rocker “I Had Enuff” is up next with a loud fist punching chorus and chock full of great vocal harmonies throughout. “Daydream” is a bit of an oddball song for me and has a real psychedelic 60’s pop rock influence to it - a really quirky way to close the album in style.

“Only Come Out At Night” was not what I expected and is far more commercial than I thought it’s a real Melodic Rock gem – I really need to track down a copy of “Pure”! An album full of dance floor fillers with its infectious beat and old school stadium rock influences. If you like no nonsense stomping stadium rock with big choruses and killer guitar riffs, grab your dancing shoes, grab this album and get ready to ROCK!


Track Listing:

Only Come Out At Night / Love So Bad / Rockstar / B4 It’s 2late / Eye’s Out Poppin’ / One Kiss Tonight / Gotta Run / Playing With Fire / Crush / I Had Enuff / Daydream

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Woody’s Essential Track:

One Kiss Tonight

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