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Band Of Brothers - 'Band Of Brothers'

posted 6 Jul 2015, 10:10 by Paul Woodward

Review by Woody

It’s taken Swedish pop rockers Band Of Brothers a decade to get this their self titled debut album recorded and released. Band Of Brothers  have a quirky pop rock vibe and although there are a few songs that slip past me this album is a nice little surprise and definitely worth a spin especially for those who are devoted to Scandinavian rock music in general. They are quite quirky and although part of me wants to state this could make them a little bit of a ‘marmite’ band the album as a whole is far more commercial sounding than the quirky tag implies.

As I was listening to the album, I found them to be quite unique in certain aspects of their song writing so it’s hard to really compare them to other bands, but the more I thought about it the closer I felt their quirky pop rock fell nicely alongside the mighty Cheap Trick. Once I had this similarity in mind, I noticed certain other similarities including the vocal style of the lead singer who at times really puts me in mind of Cheap Tricks Robin Zander.

If you like Cheap Trick you’re sure to enjoy the Band Of Brothers, they have that same air of unconventional song writing and performance. This album is also highly melodic so should appeal to melodic rock/AOR fans in general although the nature of the album may be a little bit to out there at times for some traditionalists.

Lyrically these guys are very quirky and offbeat and steer clear in the main from a lot of the standard melodic rock lyrical style I’m more used to, which also keeps in with the Cheap Trick similarity in fact, I’d be shocked if these guys don’t quote Cheap Trick as a major influence on them. If I’m honest I’m not overly fond of their lyrics but I do enjoy sampling something a little different even though it doesn’t click with me.

‘Digital Ghost’ has a massive melodic chorus and it has a really melodic sheen throughout that really appeals to me. For me the most obvious stand out track is ‘Turn Back Time’ which hit me instantly with it’s cool guitar licks and pretty damn awesome and memorable chorus and for me should be the bands lead track or single.

It’s not a hard album to enjoy and I’m glad these guys finally managed to get this album out there to the masses. It may not be for everyone but I’m confident a lot of people will share my opinion that this album is a nice surprise and well worth a listen!