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Angel Nation – ‘Aeon’

posted 7 Jan 2018, 12:23 by Paul Woodward

(Inner Wound)

Review by Woody

‘Aeon’ is the second album from Angel Nation, although the first album was under an unpronounceable moniker, formed by classically trained vocalist Elina Siirala who is also currently in Leaves Eyes. Angel Nation sit in-between melodic metal and symphonic metal stylistically with a strong sense of commerciality that makes them very easy to get into even if you’re not a huge fan of those aforementioned genres.

I love a bit of femme metal and symphonic rock but I can be very picky and it’s the bands that veer towards commerciality that tend to garner my appreciation and Angel Nation do just that!

‘Aeon’ is a really impressive album, it’s femme metal full of epic grandeur but is never full on symphonic, the songs tend to occupy the middle ground between both sub-genres. The songs stay full on metal never going progressive or complicated which is one of the big reasons some symphonic bands lose my interest and the dreaded growl vocals (which as a rule I abhor) only appear once.

Vocalist Siirala is another class, I’m stunned by her vocal ability, her classically trained voice means she sings slightly operatic but she has a wonderfully melodious tone to her personal delivery. She isn’t all about the pitch and range, melody is always paramount in her delivery and that’s why her vocals appeal to me. Throughout the album her voice is beautiful, at times ethereal and always captivating.

The powerful guitar riffs give the songs a dramatic metallic punch but never overpower Siirala’s voice instead it compliments them perfectly. The heavy edge isn’t too much but thrashy and pounding enough to keep metal heads hair swirling and those delightful soaring keyboards keep me happy as they counterbalance the brutal backbeat and guitar punch. The music isn’t just raw power though there are plenty of guitar riffs and lick hooks to get under your skin.

These songs echo Within Temptation at their commercial finest and I’m sure the band would be happy with that comparison. ‘Aeon’ is full of dynamic and powerful songs which are really enjoyable.

A fantastic female fronted metal album with a commercial edge I highly recommend you check out! The only downside to ‘Aeon’ is they didn’t include the ridiculously infectious single ‘Do It Anyway’ you’re going to have to get that separately, and if you dig this you are really going to want to do that!

Track Listing: Burn The Witch / Blood Is On Your Hands / Breath Again / Wonder Who You Are / Farewell / Free / Enough Is Enough / Music Plays / Fireflies / Destination

Album Rating: 8/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Enough is Enough