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Angelica - 'Thrive'

posted 31 Dec 2013, 08:09 by Paul Woodward
(Frontiers Records)

Review By Woody

Thrive is on paper another Frontiers project put together to produce a traditional melodic rock album but this time showcasing the vocals of  The Murder Of My Sweet’s Angelica Rylin. This album features Angelica’s song writing heavily and producer Daniel Flores who Angelica knows extremely well from the aforementioned band, so I don’t think the ‘Manufactured’ tag that will be stuck with this album is quite fair. Thrive doesn’t have a disconnected feel that many associate with these projects and that comes from the solid partnership and song writing of Angelica and Flores.

Sometimes I feel like Thrive is a tribute to Eighties melodic rock, but I feel that would do the album a disservice and give the wrong impression of what it’s really like. It is traditional melodic rock and has the hallmarks of many of the sounds and styles of that decade’s melodic rock output, but it’s updated a bit and given a strong guitar presence so it doesn’t feel dated or retro. It’s a great album and never shies away from a good pop infused sound or dance edge to create an infectious song. It’s so damn catchy it’s unbelievable and I love all the keyboard hooks that litter this album and the big guitar sound that gives all the songs a lot of exciting energy.

I’m a total sucker for female vocalists’s as I feel they have far more melodic voices and create more intricate and powerful melodies. I know well what a great voice Angelica has from The Murder of My Sweet albums, so I was excited and anticipating this album  greatly when it was announced that Angelica was going to produce a straight melodic rock album. She has put in a stunning vocal performance here and there’s plenty of  jaw dropping and spine tingling moments but most importantly she delivers some wonderfully delicious and unforgettable vocal melodies. Listening through the album time after a time I can’t help but keep thinking of some of the big pop rock diva’s of the eighties like Jennifer Rush. Seriously I can see Angelica becoming very popular with her unbelievably strong vocals here, a total revelation for this style of rock.

It’s a solid album and has no real duff tracks for me, I can’t see melodic rock fans been disappointed by Thrive, especially those who enjoy female vocalists and the pop rock sound of the Eighties. It has it all for me sing along choruses, songs that get you dancing and that’s what it’s all about really, it’s big, bright and bouncy! This album really should be high on all traditional melodic rock fans must buy lists!

Track Listing: Breaking My Heart / I Am Strong / To Your Rescue / Can’t Stop Love / Nothing Else You Can Break / Riding out The Storm / Rain On My Parade / Losers In Paradise / You Will Never Win / This Kiss Is Just For You / I’m Not Waiting / Take Me To Your Heart

Album Rating: 9/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Nothing Else You Can Break