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Ammouri – ‘Dare To Be Happy’

posted 9 Apr 2018, 09:57 by Paul Woodward

(Pride and Joy)

Review by Woody

It’s obvious from the onset of this album that Sweden’s Ammouri will be compared to Doro and the ‘Sweden’s Doro’ tag is not a vain marketing ploy to drum up interest and hype. There is a genuine similarity to their voices and more noticeably style of singing. Personally, I think Doro is a better singer and Ammouri is not as versatile as the German vocal legend. Regardless If you love Doro's voice you will without doubt love Ammouri's voice.

I do feel that her vocals will divide opinion, much like Doro's does and that gritty gruff vocal is on display throughout ‘Dare To be Happy’ and that will not be for everyone. I was a little unsure after my first playthrough as I was expecting something very Doro-like and that’s not quite where this album is at, vocally there is obvious similarities, but Ammouri is not trying to imitate Doro’s music. It is a solid album of hard rock and I do really like Ammouri’s performances but I’m not blown away by the songs. Perhaps it’s a little one dimensional and maybe would have benefited from a more diverse song selection. A more varied vocal display may have shown off Ammouri’s talents better too, again this is down to the song writing. Her voice is divisive as it is and I fear the lack of versatility displayed may alienate other people’s opinions even more so.

‘Dare To Be Happy’ is one of those albums that sits in the middle ground of like and dislike, I’d happily recommend it to fans of Doro and hard rock in general but I’d also state ‘don’t expect anything life changing – just enjoy some solid hard rock’.

One of the songs that stuck out to me was ‘Manipulation’ which is bar far the most commercial track on the entire album but it’s not really representative of the album overall. For that you need to check out the single ‘Monster of your Own Creation’ if you dig that track it’s highly likely you’ll enjoy the album, but if you don’t you probably won’t enjoy it in the slightest.

The chunky guitar riffs and pounding back beat match her voice which is an undeniably powerful rock vocal and snarl, the sort of thing Doro has based a lifetime of music on. I think going forward if Ammouri follow’s Doro’s footsteps and diversifies her sound over time she should become a very popular rock vocalist.

Track Listing: Fill Your Heart With Love / Monster of Your Own Creation / Starlight / Dare To Be Happy / Bad Illusion / Manipulation / Not Anymore / More Than Anything / He Knows Everything About Me

Album Rating: 6/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Manipulation