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Airbound - 'S/T'

posted 9 Jan 2018, 08:29 by Paul Woodward

(Art Of Melody)

Review by Woody

Airbound is the first release on new Italian melodic rock / AOR label Art of Melody and this release draws us back into the current burgeoning Italian melodic rock scene. There seems to be a glut of Italian bands and musicians within the current MR scene putting out high quality genre releases and Airbound are no exception with their self-titled debut album which is an extremely pleasurable listening experience.

Airbound create pure AOR with slight modern nods keeping the songs fresh and up to date. Journey are a really obvious comparison but their sound is inspired more generally by many other golden era bands. Airbound are inspired by the past unashamedly but have interpreted their take on the classic sound with a more current slant so it doesn’t feel dated or retro.

In an age of progressive trends within the MR scene Airbound stay true to the core vitals of AOR and in the process, have produced a wonderful traditional flavoured album, it will definitely delight hardcore genre fans.

An album chock full of memorable songs with an overall uplifting and heart-warming tone and sweeping melodious landscapes with a polished lush production. The band know the genre inside out and create songs full of smooth vocals, delightful harmonies, melodic guitar licks and intricate hook filled keyboards which will have AOR lovers dancing the night away.

A solid album with no filler makes it a joy to listen to as a whole and every song is a radio friendly hit in the waiting. It’s such an easy album to enjoy and I got hooked really quickly leading to repeat plays of the album in its entirety.

I’m a big fan of Alessandro Broggi’s keyboard’s who creates some killer keyboard licks and is also very diverse in his performances and style throughout making for a very varied bunch of songs. If you like old school AOR songs like ‘She’s A Girl’, ‘You Live and Learn’ and ‘The Sun Tomorrow’ will quickly become stalwarts of your listening choices.

People talk about AOR like it’s on its last legs but after listening to Airbound, it makes me wonder, is it really? A stellar collection of sumptuous and beautiful songs that every AOR fan desperately needs amongst their collection! Airbound may be an unknown entity at the moment but with an album of this calibre surely not for long!

Track Listing: Have A Good Time / The Sun Tomorrow / Till The End / You Live and You Learn / Don’t Fade Away / Zhaneta / Runaway / Wasted World / She’s A Girl / Seven Seas

Album Rating: 9/10

Woody’s Essential Track: She’s A Girl