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Raintimes - 'S/T'

posted 9 Jan 2018, 08:38 by Paul Woodward

(Frontiers Records)

Review by Woody

WOW! Raintimes is simply an outstanding slice of pure AOR, it really doesn’t get much better than this, if you love AOR and don’t love this, you’re lying! I was struck immediately by this sumptuous and joyous collection of melodic rock and fell instantly in love with it. It’s a wonderfully uplifting, positive and inspiring bunch of perfectly crafted and delivered AOR. It’s a delight to listen to these beautiful musical soundscapes, it’s instantly enjoyable, extremely catchy and memorable! Trust me these songs will get stuck in your head and you’ll find yourself getting swept away by more delicious melodies than you thought humanly possible on one album!

Raintimes masterminds Pierpaolo Monti and Dave Barbieri managed to draft in genre legend Michael Shotton (Von Groove) on vocals and his performance is nothing short of legendary, I’d go as far to say this is probably my favourite ever album performance from Shotton and that’s coming from a massive Von Groove fan! The style of this album is not stereotypical of what we’ve heard from him before but his performance is jaw dropping, I was really blown away by just how perfect his voice is for this style of music.

I’m a big fan of the Monti/Barbieri song writing team, their love of this genre of music is always ever-present and they are always faithful to its core ingredients. With Raintimes I know they wanted to create an album which emulated the genre classics and well-loved albums by The Storm but I think it evolved beyond that and took on a life of its own during the recording of the album. Those Storm inspirations are there, enough so that if you like The Storm you’re going to like this too. The song writing is simply astonishing, easy to connect with lyrically while been deep and thoughtful but never neglecting commercial touches and hooks to make sure these songs imbed themselves in your consciousness.

The melodic guitar lick hooks, the infectious keyboard licks, the soaring harmonies and unforgettable choruses are dished out in abundance making this a sheer delight to listen to!

Easily one of if not the best pure AOR release of the year. If you’re a genre stalwart who yearns for music which captures the past but delivers something new then Raintimes will make you smile and then some! A truly beautiful album and a modern day pure AOR masterpiece.

Track Listing: Forever Gone / Make My Day / Don’t Ever Give Up / Swan / I Need Tonight / Raintimes / Just A Little Bit More / Empty Days / Together As Friends / Missing Piece / I See The Light

Album Rating: 10/10

Woody’s Essential Track: I Need Tonight

Airbound - 'S/T'

posted 9 Jan 2018, 08:29 by Paul Woodward

(Art Of Melody)

Review by Woody

Airbound is the first release on new Italian melodic rock / AOR label Art of Melody and this release draws us back into the current burgeoning Italian melodic rock scene. There seems to be a glut of Italian bands and musicians within the current MR scene putting out high quality genre releases and Airbound are no exception with their self-titled debut album which is an extremely pleasurable listening experience.

Airbound create pure AOR with slight modern nods keeping the songs fresh and up to date. Journey are a really obvious comparison but their sound is inspired more generally by many other golden era bands. Airbound are inspired by the past unashamedly but have interpreted their take on the classic sound with a more current slant so it doesn’t feel dated or retro.

In an age of progressive trends within the MR scene Airbound stay true to the core vitals of AOR and in the process, have produced a wonderful traditional flavoured album, it will definitely delight hardcore genre fans.

An album chock full of memorable songs with an overall uplifting and heart-warming tone and sweeping melodious landscapes with a polished lush production. The band know the genre inside out and create songs full of smooth vocals, delightful harmonies, melodic guitar licks and intricate hook filled keyboards which will have AOR lovers dancing the night away.

A solid album with no filler makes it a joy to listen to as a whole and every song is a radio friendly hit in the waiting. It’s such an easy album to enjoy and I got hooked really quickly leading to repeat plays of the album in its entirety.

I’m a big fan of Alessandro Broggi’s keyboard’s who creates some killer keyboard licks and is also very diverse in his performances and style throughout making for a very varied bunch of songs. If you like old school AOR songs like ‘She’s A Girl’, ‘You Live and Learn’ and ‘The Sun Tomorrow’ will quickly become stalwarts of your listening choices.

People talk about AOR like it’s on its last legs but after listening to Airbound, it makes me wonder, is it really? A stellar collection of sumptuous and beautiful songs that every AOR fan desperately needs amongst their collection! Airbound may be an unknown entity at the moment but with an album of this calibre surely not for long!

Track Listing: Have A Good Time / The Sun Tomorrow / Till The End / You Live and You Learn / Don’t Fade Away / Zhaneta / Runaway / Wasted World / She’s A Girl / Seven Seas

Album Rating: 9/10

Woody’s Essential Track: She’s A Girl

Dante Fox – ‘Six String Revolver’

posted 7 Jan 2018, 13:06 by Paul Woodward

(AOR Heaven)

Review by Woody

Dante Fox are notorious for having long gaps between albums so it was a shock when ‘Six String Revolver’ was announced hot on the heels of the amazing ‘Breathless’ opus, but as a long-time fan of The Fox I was obviously delighted. This album is a collection of re-recorded and re-worked songs from their first two albums and it contains five songs from 1996’s ‘Under Suspicion’ and five from 1999’s ‘The Fire Within’.

I tend to be very sceptical about re-recorded releases sometimes they feel unneeded and in many cases, turn out to be pointless. On occasion though they are beneficial and noticeably changed or improved like Newman’s re-recorded debut album, thankfully ‘Six String Revolver’ falls into the latter category alongside Newman.

These songs have been dusted off and polished up to give them a brighter more current production and style. The uninitiated would see this album as a natural successor to ‘Breathless’ as the Fox have updated these songs to blend even more seamlessly with the band’s current sound and delivery. The most instant and obvious change is the vastly superior production but it is also clear from the get go these songs have been worked on again from the bare bones with some songs featuring minor subtle changes and others featuring dramatically reworked guitar riffs or other instrumentation. The Keyboards for example are far more intricate than previously, less fluffy perhaps but with a few more hooks than previously recorded. My long-time love affair with the original version’s does make me sometimes yearn for the rawer version but there is no denying that these new versions are vastly superior in every way – sentimentality can be a bit of backwards drag!

Sue Willett’s vocals as always are warm, satisfying, comforting and powerfully emotive. Sue is without doubt one of the most emotive singers I know and she gives these songs an added emotional punch that many other singers could only ever dream of emulating.

If you own these songs already you still need to purchase ‘Six String Revolver’ as it’s amazing what Sue and Tim have done revisiting these songs. Keeping them familiar and sticking to each songs core essence but also improving on them and every alteration intend to give the song a greater impact. If you’re new to The Fox – then only a fool wouldn’t purchase this classic collection of cult British AOR – now with added panache!

Track Listing: Firing My Heart / Lonely / Under The City Lights / A Matter Of Time / Still Remember Love / Lost and Lonely Heart / Remember My Name / All That I Need / I Can’t Sleep / How Do We Learn About Love

Album Rating: 9/10

Woody’s Essential Track: How Do We Learn About Love

Tragik – ‘Tainted’

posted 7 Jan 2018, 12:51 by Paul Woodward

(Rock Company)

Review by Woody

This is the seventh album from Phil Vincent’s Tragik which also features the guitar slinging talents of Damien D’Ercole. I didn’t realise the band had released so many albums and it’s been a few years since it’s enjoyable predecessor ‘Come and Get It’. ‘Tainted’ continues Vincent’s trend of producing solid and enjoyable melodic rock albums and if you’re a fan of Vincent or any of his projects then this will be another welcome addition to your collection.

I don’t know how a song writer as busy and prolific as Vincent does it but he is very good at maintaining solid musical output, if you’re an established fan you won’t be disappointed, Vincent’s distinctive vocals and approach are ever present. I think a lot has to do with Vincent’s diverse song writing which really helps prevent his music becoming stale or repetitive. Vincent has never been afraid to mix it up within his song writing which helps keep it fresh whilst keeping his songs within the melodic rock genre. He can be quite experimental and while I’m sure this may not appeal to everyone’s taste it does stretch and diversify Vincent’s songs. One of the most notable things Vincent plays about with on this album is electronic sounds and samples which add a touch of trance (as bizarre as that sounds) and mild Industrial flavours to certain songs, he manages to contain these elements within a melodic rock flow and structure so it’s not as scary or left field as you may surmise before hearing it, he makes it work very effectively.

The songs on this album are very diverse and showcase various styles and flows, from prog to pop to punk and blues based hard rock. Vincent’s lyric’s touch on a diverse range of subjects that are always though provoking too.

‘Not Over You’ is a progressive tinged atmospheric rocker which has a killer chorus and exudes an early AOR tone. The title track is a punk twisted bouncy rocker with a fist pumping chorus, ‘Regrets’ has a pop style chorus counterbalancing its swaggering rock edge and ‘Face of Sorrow’ is dark, with a driven guitar riff and a sweeping chorus.

Overall ‘Tainted’ is a great melodic rock record with its own distinctive flavour that will appeal to those with traditional tastes as well as those bored of formulaic AOR by the numbers, cause that sure as hell isn’t what Vincent creates!

Track Listing: Welcome Back / Not Over You / Can’t Take It Back / Into The Great Unknown / Face Of Sorrow / Out Of Nowhere / ‘Til I See You Again / Nobody’s There / Regrets / Tainted / Heaven / Harsh Reality

Album Rating: 8/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Not Over You

Angel Nation – ‘Aeon’

posted 7 Jan 2018, 12:23 by Paul Woodward

(Inner Wound)

Review by Woody

‘Aeon’ is the second album from Angel Nation, although the first album was under an unpronounceable moniker, formed by classically trained vocalist Elina Siirala who is also currently in Leaves Eyes. Angel Nation sit in-between melodic metal and symphonic metal stylistically with a strong sense of commerciality that makes them very easy to get into even if you’re not a huge fan of those aforementioned genres.

I love a bit of femme metal and symphonic rock but I can be very picky and it’s the bands that veer towards commerciality that tend to garner my appreciation and Angel Nation do just that!

‘Aeon’ is a really impressive album, it’s femme metal full of epic grandeur but is never full on symphonic, the songs tend to occupy the middle ground between both sub-genres. The songs stay full on metal never going progressive or complicated which is one of the big reasons some symphonic bands lose my interest and the dreaded growl vocals (which as a rule I abhor) only appear once.

Vocalist Siirala is another class, I’m stunned by her vocal ability, her classically trained voice means she sings slightly operatic but she has a wonderfully melodious tone to her personal delivery. She isn’t all about the pitch and range, melody is always paramount in her delivery and that’s why her vocals appeal to me. Throughout the album her voice is beautiful, at times ethereal and always captivating.

The powerful guitar riffs give the songs a dramatic metallic punch but never overpower Siirala’s voice instead it compliments them perfectly. The heavy edge isn’t too much but thrashy and pounding enough to keep metal heads hair swirling and those delightful soaring keyboards keep me happy as they counterbalance the brutal backbeat and guitar punch. The music isn’t just raw power though there are plenty of guitar riffs and lick hooks to get under your skin.

These songs echo Within Temptation at their commercial finest and I’m sure the band would be happy with that comparison. ‘Aeon’ is full of dynamic and powerful songs which are really enjoyable.

A fantastic female fronted metal album with a commercial edge I highly recommend you check out! The only downside to ‘Aeon’ is they didn’t include the ridiculously infectious single ‘Do It Anyway’ you’re going to have to get that separately, and if you dig this you are really going to want to do that!

Track Listing: Burn The Witch / Blood Is On Your Hands / Breath Again / Wonder Who You Are / Farewell / Free / Enough Is Enough / Music Plays / Fireflies / Destination

Album Rating: 8/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Enough is Enough

Madman’s Lullaby – ‘Sins of Greed’

posted 7 Jan 2018, 12:06 by Paul Woodward

(Melodic Rock Records)

Review by Woody

‘Sins of Greed’ the fourth album from American rockers Madman’s Lullaby would have been right at home on a music store shelf in 1988 because it’s retro hair metal to the max! Madman’s Lullaby have a rambunctious old school hair metal sound and attitude. Full of energy, loud guitars and sharp vocals and it’s straight off of the eighties LA Strip rock scene.

Although these guys create a style of music which I thoroughly enjoy I didn’t find myself really taking to these songs and I found very little to enthuse about. It’s not bad, far from it, the musicianship is exemplary but none of the songs reach out and grab me and get me invested in them. They have the style and energy that emulates the golden era LA strip bands but without the choruses or hooks to compliment that it feels a little mediocre and ultimately forgettable.

If there had been just one radio friendly chorus amongst them I think the album may have charmed me more, but it all seems to fall flat when it comes to the choruses and there are no other major hooks which keep you interested.

It’s not a very commercial album at all but I do feel the average hair metal fan will find a lot to enjoy on this album and guitar fans will appreciate it more than the average rocker as they will be drawn to some great guitar riffs and killer guitar hooks like the one featured in ‘Don’t Walk Away’. I think guitar fans will have a deeper appreciation for the instrumentation side of the songs and the lack of commerciality will be less important to their listening pleasure.

Madman’s Lullaby have a really defined sound and I fear that goes against them creatively as I found the songs lacked individuality and many of the songs had a similar feel to them. On the positive side though they embody the genre’s core rules, rambunctious, energetic and rebellious so if bands like Hanoi Rocks and Motley Crue stroke you the right way then there’s a good chance you’ll dig ‘Sins of Greed’ far more than I do.

I can’t really rave about ‘Sins of Greed’ but genre fans should definitely give it a chance as the retro sound will definitely appeal to anyone who believes anything released after 1991 is shit!

Track Listing: One Shot / Makes No Sense / Little Demons / Live Again / Don’t Walk Away / Quicker With Liquor / About You / The Storm / Man Down

Album Rating: 5/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Don’t Walk Away

Iconic Eye – ‘Into The Light’

posted 22 Nov 2017, 10:44 by Paul Woodward


Review By Woody

Into The Light is the second album from Midlands based melodic rockers Iconic Eye. The band has evolved a lot in a relatively short period of time and when comparing the debut to this it almost feels like a totally different band. Some of this is down to the change in line-up in the interim but also in a different approach to the song writing and a more dynamic presentation of their songs. Iconic Eye really have stepped it up in every department and Into the Light has a far stronger production than its predecessor which gives them a far more professional impact. Gone now is the feel of part time enthusiastic melodic rock to be replaced by a more dynamic and impressive professional sound, style and delivery. To be honest I’m a little surprised this release wasn’t snapped up by one of the genre specialist labels – I’d be even more shocked if this album didn’t indeed lead to that happening with their third album.

Into the Light is a transitional album and given the evolution of the band it’s no surprise to see some of the debut’s songs been re-recorded and whilst been familiar they are presented in the current style of the band. Iconic Eye 2.0 feature a harder edge, not aggressive but ballsier approach which suits the band well. I find the band far more exciting now, they are far more dynamic and their sound feels more unique and less formulaic than previously.

Guitarist, founder member and principal songwriter Greg Dean has shaken things up in his approach and he really plays to the strengths of his band mates this is abundantly obvious in the new songs but in the older it sees the songs given a new lease of life and having a far more dramatic impact on listeners. In new guitarist Robin Mitchard they have found a real talent as he adds a real touch of flair to the songs from the melodic guitar licks and dynamic solos to the bold and brash riffs. Betwixt Mitchard and Dean these guitar flourishes are never overkill and only serve to increase the impact and hooks of a song.

Going from male vocals to female was always going to be a notable change and Janey Gould is a real revelation with a sensational voice. Powerful and soaring with a great range, but it’s the emotiveness she displays in her delivery that really enchants me. I believe every word she sings, the emotion of every lyric she sings I feel it’s meaning. Obviously, it’s great to have catchy melodies and pitch perfect delivery but the emotional impact Janey adds gives the songs a more meaningful longer lasting impact than an unforgettable melody alone. Janey has quickly become one of my favourite singers, been a good vocalist is only half the battle been able to connect is where any singer will have lasting appeal and Janey’s style will win her fans easily.

Focusing on the re-recorded songs they have been reborn and reinvigorated and are vastly superior to the originals. ‘Better Place’ in particular benefits from a key change which makes the song far more dynamic, the original version’s chorus I found quite abrupt and disruptive, now it flows far more smoothly and has a greater impact I feel. All the songs have a far more potent impact now with an added harder edge, more emotive delivery and way more flair.

The older and newer material flows seamlessly and to those that have never heard the debut would never know which is which. Now focusing on the new era songs. ‘Am I The One’ is a bombastic rocker and a perfect way to open the album and it really showcases the bands current sound and I’m sure this will be a hit live with it’s punchy chorus. ‘These Tears Won’t Last’ is a dramatic rocker with a killer emotive chorus, great guitar lick and an unforgettable vocal melody. ‘Black Country Lady’ is a tear jerking ballad which effortlessly hits home. Lyrically powerful but also very personable which intensifies the emotional connection and impact of the song.

I love the orchestral opening to ‘Black Heart’ the strings on the song are a great hook. It has a dynamic chorus that really gets under your skin with it’s gothic tone. ‘Thanks For The Memories’ has a really catchy chorus and some great lyrics coupled with a superb vocal delivery from Janey make it a really memorable song. I really like the drive and energy of the album closer ‘Never Get Through The Night’ some soaring vocals from Janey and an unforgettable chorus makes sure the album closes out on a high.

Into The Light is a solid melodic rock album full of indelible choruses and hooks, delicious vocal melodies and stunning guitar work. It’s emotive and very easy to connect with, it has very varied lyrical subjects and personable style which evoke very different moods, from uplifting to melancholic and everything in-between! Melodic Rock fans will adore this album and based on these songs alone they should be making waves in the melodic rock scene!

Track Listing: Am I The One / You Make It / These Tears Won’t Last / Let It Rain Down / Black Country Lady / Better Place / Black Heart / All She Needed / Thanks For The Memories / Don’t Stop Me From leaving / Never Get Through The Night

Album Rating: 9/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Black Heart

Boys From Heaven – ‘No Way! But Anyway’

posted 21 Nov 2017, 14:46 by Paul Woodward


Review by Woody

No Way! But Anyway is the debut EP from Danish soft rockers Boys From Heaven. This seven-piece band have a strong Eighties soft rock and pop edge to their sound, but their influences owe more to Chicago and Boston than they do Def Leppard. There is a bit of a retro feel to this EP and I think fans of Eighties music in general will find plenty here to enjoy. From a rock perspective it will mainly appeal to those of us with softer taste’s if REO Speedwagon, Fleetwood Mac and Chicago are on your list of favourite bands then Boys From Heaven are certainly creating music that will appeal to your tastes.

I’m quite impressed with the EP, it’s unusual these days for a rock band to not amp up the guitars or back beat to create a heavier sound for fear of not been ‘rock’ enough to the average rock music fan. So, it’s quite refreshing these guys have kept their brand of soft rock, mellow and the backing light. Obviously, it all boils down to personal tastes but personally I don’t need full frontal guitars and pounding drums to enjoy every song. These songs were all crafted to have a soft touch and the tone of the EP would have been totally different otherwise, so it’s nice to hear a band stick to their own style and flow and reach out to those who do enjoy this style of rock.

My only criticism of the EP is it does lack a breakout hit, there’s not an obvious radio single that jumps out at you. All the songs are enjoyable with some cool hooks and the band showcase a lot of entertaining musicianship, but there’s not a single that I think would instantly captivate listeners. I’m trying not to be overly critical over this one point as I don’t wish to overshadow what is a couple of really enjoyable retro soft rock songs. The potential for even better things is startlingly obvious and the fanbase this EP builds I’m sure will be rewarded with more excellent music in the future.

Boys From Heaven have a very defined sound and their song writing is inspired by the Eighties, sometimes it’s very obvious like the Saxophone hook on ‘Unburned’. That Sax hook will definitely stick in people’s minds and is something that will definitely make people think of Chicago. That defined sound will definitely appease retro soft rockers as it lets you know what your getting and that the band will stay close to all those musical attributes that appeal to you within their song writing.

I think Boys From Heaven are a band that all fans of softer edged rock should keep an eye on and with that inevitable breakout song they produce soon, I’m sure they could become heavy hitters in the European melodic rock scene.

Track Listing: Unburned / Days Like These / Back To You / So Long Ago

Album Rating: 7/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Unburned

Spinefarm Records Singles Round Up – Amarnathe / Toothgrinder / Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown / Broken Witt Rebels

posted 13 Nov 2017, 06:06 by Paul Woodward

Review by Woody

Amaranthe – Maximise (Remix)

The original version of ‘Maximise’ was featured on the bands last album Maximalism which was released over a year ago. The original version had a strong dance style backing and energy but was very metallic at the same time with a powerful heavy rhythm section alongside driven sharp metallic guitar riffs. This remix sees the metal elements completely removed and it’s now purely a dance / trance version of the song, personally it removes everything I loved about the original and is instead chuck full of nonsensical DJ flourishes even that addictive chorus is lost in a swirl of trance over indulgence.

The original was vastly superior and instantly addictive with a mesmerising and unforgettable chorus that got stuck in your head – I suggest you avoid this remix and track down the original single version! Unless of course you dig remix’s that feature odd noises and trance elements, but for all its simplicity the original version didn’t need messing with!

Toothgrinder – Let It Ride

‘Let It Rock’ is a stoner rock anthem, with an infectious groove that will appeal greatly to genre fans. It’s more commercial than the vast majority of that genre’s offerings to my ears and with a decent blues fuelled vocal making them stand out amongst their low-slung brethren. Some simple vocal hooks announce the chorus and keep the song alive in your memory. It’s well worth checking out if you’re someone who considers themselves a classic rock fan and if you like stoner bands akin to Queens of the Stone Age, you’ll be drooling all over this track

Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown – Backfire

‘Backfire’ is a mid-tempo modern blues song with an insistent chorus. It’s not an obvious or overtly catchy song but it does have a slow burn hook to it and a chorus which sneaks up on you and stays with you – especially after repeated spins. Nothing ground breaking but for those who like bands pushing blues rock boundaries whilst hanging onto its core principals this song will definitely get you excited.

Broken Witt Rebels – Wait For You

I was really struck by this track which features some wonderfully emotive and soulful vocals. It combines a few rock styles and elements to formulate a unique sound, which is undeniably very British despite some obvious American blues influences. While the band have a blues sway to them they are more alternative sounding and have a lot more in common with The Killers than Robert Johnson! The track is ultra-catchy, filled with emotion not just from the evocative vocals but also from the stirring guitar licks and the musical landscape the band have created. If you like bands like the aforementioned Killers and Snow Patrol these guys should appeal to you and the blues/soul touch to their style should make them intriguing to rock fans in general! A young band with an exciting future methinks based on this impressive single.

Wizard – ‘Fallen Kings’

posted 13 Nov 2017, 05:57 by Paul Woodward

(Massacre Records)

Review By Woody

German old school metallers Wizard although a new band to me are well established with a long discography going back to the early nineties, their latest album is entitled ‘Fallen Kings’.

Wizard have a very European old school metal feel to them, it’s inspired by NWOBHM, but is far bolder than that genre tag would suggest. They really put me in mind of Hammerfall and fellow countrymen Halloween, they also have those bombastic and grandiose elements you associate with both those bands. Exuding epic-ness and near operatic choruses that demand you to chant along. Wizard’s song writing and musical delivery motto seems to be the bigger the better! The similarity to Halloween is further heightened to me with the similarity in Wizard’s vocalist to Andi Deris – uncanny at times.

I loved ‘Live Your Life’ which is an obvious radio friendly commercial track which has a great positive message and a really energizing feel to it. I felt the impact of the album dips towards the end of the album but the opening barrage including ‘Liar and Betrayer’ and ‘Brothers In Spirit’ really grabbed me by the throat with their bold choruses and bombastic stance.

I’m not sure why but the album features two bonus tracks which are only featured on the digipak version of the album. I’m sure this is more expensive, but it’s well worth looking at as these two tracks ‘We Are Ready For Metal’ and ‘The King’ are really great tracks and are well worth getting hold of if you can.

‘Fallen Kings’ is a good album, not brilliant but I’m sure established fans will be more than happy with it and I’m sure other old school metal fans who are new to Wizard will find plenty to enjoy here, just the same as I did! I’ve heard a lot bands and albums in this vein over the past couple of years as it is extremely popular at the moment especially in mainland Europe. So, I have a very high standard of what I expect from bands in this genre and with ‘Fallen Kings’ I think Wizard are a little hit and miss, so don’t quite hit that mark where I’m screaming about the album as new genre classic even though I enjoy the album. I do highly recommend ‘Fallen Kings’ to genre fans as I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

Track Listing: Liar and Betrayer / We Are The Masses / Live Your Life / Brothers in Spirit / White Wolf / Wizard Until The End / Father To Son / Let Us Unite / Frozen Blood / You’re The King / We Are Ready For Metal / The King

Album Rating: 6/10

Woody’s Essential Track: Live Your Life

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