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BandAlbum titleLabelScoreReview Link
7HY Stories We Tell Lions Pride Music 8/10 7HY – ‘Stories We Tell’ 
Adrenaline Rush S/T Frontiers Records  Adrenaline Rush - 'S/T' 
Adrian Galysh Tone Poet Independent 5/10 Adrian Galysh - 'Tone Poet' 
Age of Reflection In The Heat Of The Night AOR Heaven 9/10 Age of Reflection – ‘In The Heat Of The Night’ 
Airbound S/T Art of Melody 9/10 Airbound - 'S/T' 
Airrace Back To The Start Frontiers Records 8/10 Airrace - Back To The Start 
Alice Blue Matter Unsigned 8/10 Alice Blue - 'Matter' 
Ammouri Dare To Be Happy Pride and Joy 6/10 Ammouri – ‘Dare To Be Happy’ 
Andy Rock Into The Night AOR Heaven 8/10 Andy Rock - Into The Night 
Angelica Thrive Frontiers Records 9/10 Angelica - 'Thrive' 
Angel Nation Aeon Inner Wound 8/10 Angel Nation – ‘Aeon’ 
AOR LA Darkness Escape Music 8/10 AOR – ‘LA Darkness’ 
Apollo Waterdevils Escape Music 5/10 Apollo – ‘Waterdevils’ 
Archange Flash Back Mighty Music 8/10 Archange – ‘Flashback’ 
Arkham's Razor Carnival Of Lost Souls Independent 9/10 Arkham’s Razor – ‘Carnival Of Lost Souls’ 
Asia Omega Frontiers Records 4/5 Asia - Omega 
Atlas World In Motion EP Independent 8/10 Atlas – ‘World In Motion’ EP 
Auras New Generation Frontiers Records 5/5 Auras - New Generation 
Awake By Design Carve The Sun Unsigned 8/10 Awake By Design - 'Carve The Sun' 
Azoria Seasons Change Doolittle Group 6/10 Azoria - 'Seasons Change' 
Bai Bang Livin' My Dream AOR Heaven 5/5 Bai Bang - Livin' My Dream 
Band Of Brothers Band Of Brothers Independent  Band Of Brothers - 'Band Of Brothers' 
Bangalore Choir Metaphor AOR Heaven 7/10 Bangalore Choir - Metaphor 
Big Life Big Life AOR Heaven 8/10 Big Life - Big Life 
Black Diamonds  Once Upon A Time AOR Heaven 7/10 Black Diamonds – ‘Once Upon A Time’ 
Blackslash Sinister Lightning Iron Shield 8/10 Blackslash – ‘Sinister Lightning’ 
Black Star Riders The Killer Instinct Nuclear Blast 8/10 Black Star Riders - 'The Killer Instinct' 
Blessed By A Broken Heart Feel The Power Tooth & Nail 7/10 Blessed By A Broken Heart - Feel The Power 
Bon Jovi This House Is Not For Sale Island Records 9/10 Bon Jovi - 'This House Is Not For Sale' 
Boys From Heaven No Way! But Anyway HeavenIsAPlaceOnEarth 7/10 Boys From Heaven – ‘No Way! But Anyway’ 
Brett Walker Straight Jacket Vacation AOR Heaven 7/10 Brett Walker - Straight Jacket Vacation 
Brian Howe Circus Bar Frontiers Records 3/5 Brian Howe - Circus Bar 
Bryan Cole Sands Of Time Melodic Rock Records 9/10 Bryan Cole – ‘Sands Of Time’ 
Cellar Darling This Is The Sound Nuclear Blast 8/10 Cellar Darling – ‘This Is The Sound’ 
Change Of Heart Last Tiger Escape Music 5/10 Change Of Heart - 'Last Tiger' 
Charming Grace Charming Grace Avenue Of Allies 9/10 Charming Grace - Charming Grace 
Chase The Ace Are You Ready? Z Records 8/10 Chase The Ace - Are You Ready? 
Chasing Violets Jade Hearts AOR Records 8/10 Chasing Violets - Jade Hearts 
Chris Antblad Century Melodic Rock Records 8/10 Chris Antblad - Century 
Chris Laney Only Come Out At Night Metal Heaven 4/5 Chris Laney - Only Come Out At Night 
Cloven Hoof The Opening Ritual Metal Nation  Cloven Hoof - 'The Opening Ritual' 
Cloven Hoof The Definitive part one & two Metal Nation 8/10 Cloven Hoof – ‘The Definitive Part One and Two’ 
Coldspell Frozen Paradise Escape Music 6/10 Coldspell - Frozen Paradise 
Corvus Chasing Miracles Lynchburg Records 9/10 Corvus - 'Chasing Miracles' 
Crashdiet Generation Wild Frontiers Records 4/5 Crashdiet - Generation Wild 
Crazy Lixx New Religion Frontiers Records 5/5 Crazy Lixx - New Religion 
Crimson Star Bay View EP Independent 7/10 Crimson Star – ‘Bay View’ EP 
Crosson Spreading The Rock N Roll Disease Metalopolis 7/10 Crosson – ‘Spreading The Rock N Roll Disease’ 
Cruzh Cruzh Frontiers Records 10/10 Cruzh – ‘Cruzh’ 
Dakesis The New Dawn Independent 8/10 Dakesis – ‘The New Dawn’ 
Danger Angel All The Kings Horses Melodic Rock Records 8/10 Danger Angel – ‘All The Kings Horses’ 
Danger Angel Danger Angel Perris Records 2/5 Danger Angel - Danger Angel 
Daniel Trigger Army Of One Independent 8/10 Daniel Trigger - 'Army Of One' 
Daniel Trigger Infinite Persistence Independent 9/10 Daniel Trigger - Infinite Persistence 
Dante Fox Breathless AOR Heaven 9/10 Dante Fox – ‘Breathless’ 
Dante Fox Lost Man's Ground Independent 9/10 Dante Fox - Lost Man's Ground 
Dante Fox Six String Revolver AOR Heaven 9/10 Dante Fox – ‘Six String Revolver’ 
David J Caron Thru Ever-Ending Black GMG 8/10 David J Caron - Thru Ever-Ending Black 
David J Caron 9 Singles Independent 8/10 David J Caron - '9 Singles' 
Daxx & Roxane Ticket To Rock Justice Brothers 9/10 Daxx and Roxane – ‘Ticket To Rock’ 
Dead End Heroes Road Kill AOR Heaven 8/10 Dead End Heroes - 'Road Kill' 
Deadline Fire Inside Bad Reputation  Deadline - 'Fire Inside' 
Debbie Ray Slave To The System Metalapolis Records 8/10 Debbie Ray – ‘Slave To The System’ 
Degreed We Don't Belong AOR Records 10/10 Degreed – We Don’t Belong 
D'ercole No Place Like Home Independent 8/10 D’ercole – ‘No Place Like Home’ 
Devilfire Dark Maneouvres Escape The Fire 9/10 Devilfire – ‘Dark Manoeuvres’ 
Devil's Dice Libertarian D-Force Records 9/10 Devil’s Dice – ‘Libertarian’ 
Diamond Head Lighning To The Nations Cherry Red 10/10 Diamond Head – ‘Lightning To The Nations’ 
Dion Bayman Smoke and Mirrors Independent 9/10 Dion Bayman - Smoke and Mirrors 
Dirty Diamonds Let's Get Loud Code 7 - Vanity Music Group  Dirty Diamonds - 'Let's Get Loud' 
Dirty Glory Mind The Gap Perris Records 8/10 Dirty Glory – ‘Mind The Gap’ 
Dirty Lions Raw Unsigned  Dirty Lions - 'Raw' 
Dogface Back On The Streets AOR Heaven 7/10 Dog Face - 'Back On The Streets' 
Eclipse Bleed & Scream Frontiers Records 9/10 Eclipse - Bleed & Scream 
Edenbridge  The Great Momentum SPV / Steamhammer 7/10 Edenbridge – ‘The Great Momentum’ 
Eden's Curse Symphony Of Sin AFM Records 8/10 Eden's Curse - Symphony Of Sin 
Electus Rock N Roll Incarnate part one Independent 8/10 Electus – ‘Rock N Roll Incarnate part one’ 
EofE S/T Cream Records 8/10 EofE - 'S/T' 
Epic Like A Phoenix Escape Music 9/10 Epic – ‘Like A Phoenix’ 
Equator Fire Independent 8/10 Equator – ‘Fire’ 
Eric Charles Band Can You Feel It? Independent 7/10 Eric Charles Band - 'Can You Feel It?' 
Escape Unbreakable Z Records 8/10 Escape - Unbreakable 
Extreme Take Us Alive Frontiers Records 3/5 Extreme - Take Us Alive 
Far Cry Optimism Kivel Records 8/10 Far Cry - Optimism 
Fate If Not For The Devil Avenue Of Allies 9/10 Fate - 'If Not For The Devil' 
Find Me Wings Of Love Frontiers Records 9/10 Find Me - Wings Of Love 
Firecracker Born Of Fire Escape Music 1/5 Firecracker - Born Of Fire 
First Signal First Signal Frontiers Records 4/5 First Signal - First Signal 
Frail Sincerity S/T Shining Records 8/10 Frail Sincerity – ‘S/T’ 
Free Spirit All The Shades Of Darkened Light CMC 9/10 Free Spirit - 'All The Shades Of Darkened Light' 
Frozen Rain Ahead Of Time Avenue Of Allies 8/10 Frozen Rain - Ahead Of Time 
Giant Promise Land Frontiers Records 5/5 Giant - Promise Land 
Gloryful Ocean Blade Massacre Records 3/10 Gloryful - 'Ocean Blade' 
Grand Slam A New Dawn AOR Heaven 9/10 Grand Slam – ‘A New Dawn’ 
Greg X Dream Greg X Music 7/10 Greg X - Dream 
Grindhouse Chapter One RMB Records 7/10 Grindhouse - 'Chapter One' 
Gun Machine Balls To The Wall Santo Grial 6/10 Gun Machine – ‘Balls To The Wall’ 
HARD Time Is Waiting For No One Escape Music 2/5 HARD - Time Is Waiting For No One 
Hartmann Balance Avenue of Allies 9/10 Hartmann - Balance 
Heart Beautiful Broken Concord Records 8/10 Heart – ‘Beautiful Broken’ 
Helix Vagabond Bones Perris Records 3/5 Helix - Vagabond Bones 
Helix Rock It Science Perris Records 10/10 Helix – ‘Rock It Science’ 
Helldorados Lesson's In Decay   Helldorados - 'Lesson's In Decay' 
High Road Easy III   High Road Easy - 'III' 
Hiob AD Iron Skies Soulfood 7/10 Hiob AD - ‘Iron Skies’ 
Hit N Run S/T Lions Pride 9/10 Hit N Run – S/T 
Holy Dragons Civilzator Pitch Black 7/10 Holy Dragons – ‘Civilizator’ 
House Of Lords Precious Metal Frontiers Records 9/10 House Of Lords - 'Precious Metal' 
House Of Shakira Sour Grapes Melodic Rock Records 9/10 House Of Shakira - 'Sour Grapes' 
House Of Shakira Pay To Play MelodicRock Records 5/10 House Of Shakira - 'Pay To Play' 
Houston II Livewire / Cargo Records 8/10 Houston - II 
Human Temple Murder Of Crows Escape Music 4/5 Human Temple - Murder Of Crows 
Ian Toomey Ascension Metal Nation 7/10 Ian Toomey - 'Ascension' 
Iconic Eye Into The Light Independent 9/10 Iconic Eye – ‘Into The Light’ 
In Faith There's A Storm Coming Rocktopia Records 9/10 In Faith - 'There's A Storm Coming' 
Infinity Infinity Melodic Rock Records 8/10 Infinity - Infinity 
Iron Glove Break The Chains Unsigned  Iron Glove - 'Break The Chains' 
Issa Sign Of Angels Frontiers Records 4/5 Issa - Sign Of Angels 
Issa Crossfire Frontiers Records 10/10 Issa - 'Crossfire' 
Jack Russell's Great White He Saw It Comin' Frontiers Records 9/10 Jack Russell’s Great White – ‘He Saw It Comin’ 
Jaded Past Believe Melodic Rock Records 6/10 Jaded Past – ‘Believe’ 
Jayce Landberg Good Sleepless Night Escape Music 1/5 Jayce Landberg - Good Sleepless Night 
Jesse Damon Temptation In The Garden Of Eve AOR Heaven 7/10 Jesse Damon - 'Temptation In The Garden Of Eve' 
Jimi Anderson Group Long Time Comin' Pride and Joy 7/10 Jimi Anderson Group – ‘Long Time Comin’’ 
Jim Jidhed Push On Through AOR Heaven 8/10 Jim Jidhed – ‘Push On Through’ 
John Waite In Real Time Frontiers Records 3/5 John Waite - In Real Time 
JoyFoucs Random Access Digital Audio Hersey Atomic Monster Records 8/10 JoyFocus – ‘Random Access Digital Audio Hersey’ 
Kaiser Architekt Spies Like Me Kaiser Architekt  Kaiser Architekt - 'Spies Like Me' 
KB36 Fake Self Released 7/10 KB36 – ‘Fake’ 
Kee Marcello Scaling Up Frontiers Records 8/10 Kee Marcello – ‘Scaling Up’ 
Kelly Keeling Mind Radio Frontiers Records 9/10 Kelly Keeling - 'Mind Radio' 
Kenny Loggins High Adventure / Vox Humana BGO Records 7/10 Kenny Loggins - High Adventure / Vox Humana 
Kens Dojo Reincarnation AOR Heaven 3/5 Kens Dojo - Reincarnation 
Kick Memoirs Escape Music 7/10 Kick - 'Memoirs' 
Kick Axe Vices / Welcome To The Club / Rock The World Rock Candy 8/10 Kick Axe – ‘Vices / Welcome To The Club / Rock The World’ re-issues 
Kinesis 4 Dreams of Rainbows OSH Records 6/10 Kinesis 4 – ‘Dreams Of Rainbows’ 
Kyshera Circle Konic Records 5/10 Kyshera - 'Circle' 
Last Autumns Dream A Touch Of Heaven Escape Music 4/5 Last Autumn's Dream - A Touch Of Heaven 
Last Autumns Dream In Disguise Escape Music 8/10 Last Autumns Dream – ‘In Disguise’ 
La-Ventura 2.0 Independent 9/10 La-Ventura – ‘2.0’ EP 
Lawless Rock Savage Escape Music 8/10 Lawless - 'Rock Savage' 
Lee Small Jamaica Inn Escape Music 8/10 Lee Small - Jamaica Inn 
Legion Solace Z Records 8/10 Legion - 'Solace' 
Legion  Legion Z Records 5/5 Legion - Legion 
Legion Z Records 8/10 Legion - 'V' 
Legion Nemesis Z Records 8/10 Legion - Nemesis 
Linda & The Punch Obsession Escape Music 8/10 Linda & The Punch - 'Obsession' 
Lionville A World Of Fools Frontiers Records 9/10 Lionville – ‘A World Of Fools’ 
Lionville Lionville Avenue Of Allies 5/5 Lionville - Lionville 
Live The Turn Think Loud 8/10 Live - 'The Turn' 
Lizhard Bigger Better Stronger Perris Records 7/10 Lizhard – ‘Bigger, Better, Stronger’ 
Love Cream First Taste Independent 8/10 Love Cream - 'First Taste' 
Lover Under Cover Set The Night On Fire Escape Music 5/10 Lover Under Cover - Set The Night On Fire 
Madman's Lullaby Sins of Greed Melodic Rock Records 5/10 Madman’s Lullaby – ‘Sins of Greed’ 
Mad Margritt Love, Hate and Deception Perris Records 4/10 Mad Margritt – ‘Love, Hate and Deception’ 
Maggie's Madness Waking Up The Dead Independent 6/10 Maggie's Madness - 'Waking Up The Dead' 
Magnum Escape From The Shadow Garden SPV / Steamhammer 9/10 Magnum - 'Escape From The Shadow Garden' 
Magnum On the 13th Day SPV/Steamhammer 9/10 Magnum - On The Thirteenth Day 
Magnum Evolution Steamhammer/SPV 8/10 Magnum - Evolution 
Mallen Ignition EP  8/10 Mallen - 'Ignition' EP 
Marauder Bullet Head Pitch Black 5/10 Marauder – ‘Bullet Head’ 
Mark Slaughter Halfway There EMP 9/10 Mark Slaughter – ‘Halfway There’ 
Mark Sweeney All In Pie Music 4/5 Mark Sweeney - All In 
Martine McCutcheon Lost and Found BMG 10/10 Martine McCutcheon – ‘Lost and Found’ 
Mass Sea Of Black Escape Music 2/5 Mass - Sea Of Black 
Michael Kratz Live Your Life Art of Melody 8/10 Michael Kratz – ‘Live Your Life’ 
Midnight Blue Take The Money and Run YesterRock 8/10 Midnight Blue - Take The Money and Run 
Minotaurus Insolubilis Limb 5/10 Minotaurus – ‘Insolubilis’ 
Miss Behaviour Ghost Play AOR Heaven 9/10 Miss Behaviour – ‘Ghost Play’ 
Moms Rocket Red Z Records 4/10 Moms Rocket - 'Red' 
Moonland S/T Frontiers Records  Moonland (featuring Lenna Kuurmaa) - 'S/T' 
Moritz About Time Too Shadows of a Dream 7/10 Moritz – ‘About Time Too’ 
Newman Siren AOR Heaven 10/10 Newman - Siren 
Newman Under Southern Skies AOR Heaven 10/10 Newman - Under Southern Skies 
Newman The Art Of Balance Chrome Dome Music 5/5 Newman - The Art Of Balance 
Night Demon Darkness Remains Nuclear Blast 7/10 Night Demon – ‘Darkness Remains’ 
Night Ranger High Road Frontiers Records 8/10 Night Ranger - 'High Road' 
Night Ranger Somewhere In California Frontiers Records 5/5 Night Ranger - Somewhere In California 
N.O.W Force Of Nature Escape Music 4/5 N.O.W - Force Of Nature 
O'Regan Polymorphic Tragedy Z Records 7/10 O’Regan – ‘Polymorphic Tragedy’ 
Overland Epic Escape Music 9/10 Overland - 'Epic' 
Overland Contagious Escape Music 3/10 Overland – ‘Contagious’ 
Overloud Altered Ego   Overloud - 'Altered Ego' 
Paul Sabu Bangkok Rules Z Records 7/10 Paul Sabu - Bangkok Rules 
Phenomena Awakening Escape Music 7/10 Phenomena - Awakening 
Phil Vincent Slave To Sin Independent 6/10 Phil Vincent - 'Slave To Sin' 
Pink Cream 69 Ceremonial Frontiers Records 8/10 Pink Cream 69 - Ceremonial 
Place Vendome Thunder In The Distance Frontiers Records 8/10 Place Vendome - Thunder In The Distance 
Platens Out Of The World MelodicRockRecords 7/10 Platens - 'Out Of The World' 
Pretty Maids Pandemonium Frontiers Records 5/5 Pretty Maids - Pandemonium 
Pride Of Lions Fearless Frontiers Records 10/10 Pride of Lions – ‘Fearless’ 
Rage Of Angels Dreamworld Escape Music 8/10 Rage Of Angels - Dreamworld 
Rage Of Angels The Devil's New Tricks Escape Music 9/10 Rage Of Angels – ‘The Devils New Tricks’ 
Raintimes S/T Frontiers Records 10/10 Raintimes - 'S/T' 
Ram Svbversvm Metal Blade 7/10 Ram – ‘Svbversvm’ 
Reckless Love Animal Attraction Spinefarm Records 7/10 Reckless Love - Animal Attraction 
Reds'Cool Bad Story Music Buy Mail 7/10 Reds'Cool - Bad Story 
Reece Ignited Independent 7/10 Reece – ‘Ignited’ 
Reece Compromise AOR Heaven 7/10 Reece - 'Compromise' 
Reece Noisebox Independent 8/10 Reece – ‘Noisebox’ 
Revolution Road Revolution Road Avenue Of Allies 8/10 Revolution Road - 'Revolution Road' 
Riverdogs World Gone Mad Melodic Rock Records 3/10 Riverdogs - World Gone Mad 
Rob Moratti Victory Escape Music 8/10 Rob Moratti - Victory 
Running Wild Riding The Storm BMG 5/10 Running Wild – ‘Riding The Storm’ 
Running Wild Rapid Foray SPV/Steamhammer 6/10 Running Wild – ‘Rapid Foray’ 
Rusty Nail Running Out Of Idea's Independent 7/10 Rusty Nail – ‘Running Out Of Idea’s’ 
Sammy Berell Passion Dreams Dark Foorce / Sound Pollution 3/10 Sammy Berell – ‘Passion Dreams’ 
Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Spinefarm   Santa Cruz - 'Santa Cruz' 
Scorpions Crazy World - (Deluxe Edition) Universal  Scorpions - 'Crazy World' Deluxe Edition 
Sedona Golden Valley Avenue of Allies 4/5 Sedona - Golden Valley 
Serpentine A Touch Of Heaven AOR Heaven 5/5 Serpentine - A Touch Of Heaven 
Serpentine Living & Dying In High Definition AOR Heaven 9/10 Serpentine - Living & Dying In High Definition 
Shadowman Watching Over You Escape Music 4/5 Shadowman - Watching Over You 
Shadowside Shades of Humanity EMP 5/10 Shadowside – ‘Shades of Humanity’ 
Shameless Beautiful Disaster RSR Music 5/10 Shameless - 'Beautiful Disaster' 
Shining Line Shining Line Avenue Of Allies 5/5 Shining Line - Shining Line 
Shiraz Lane For Crying Out Loud Frontiers Records 6/10 Shiraz Lane – ‘For Crying Out Loud’ 
Shylock Rock Buster Metal Heaven 4/5 Shylock - Rockbuster 
Silent Call Greed Escape Music 1/5 Silent Call - Greed 
Silver Mountain Roses & Champagne / Breakin Chains Cherry Red Records 6/10 Silver Mountain – ‘Roses & Champagne’ & ‘Breakin’ Chains’ 
SKIN Breaking The Silence Skin independent 4/5 Skin - Breaking The Silence 
Skin & Bone Revenge Hot Box Music 8/10 Skin & Bone - 'Revenge' 
Skintrade Refuelled AOR Heaven 4/10 Skintrade - 'Refuelled' 
Snew We Do What We Want Maman Music 1/5 Snew - We Do What We Want 
Soldier Defiant Independent 7/10 Soldier - 'Defiant' 
Soley Mourning  The Rocket Pool Independent  Soley Mourning - 'The Rocket Pool' 
Somewhat Scary Somewhat Scary Independent 5/10 Somewhat Scary - Somewhat Scary 
Sonic Station Next Stop Avenue Of Allies 8/10 Sonic Station - 'Next Stop' 
Sora Desire & Truth Avenue Of Allies 4/5 Sora - Desire & Truth 
Space Vacation Cosmic Vanguard Pure Steel  Space Vacation - 'Cosmic Vanguard' 
Sparklands Tomocyclus Avenue Of Allies 9/10 Sparklands - 'Tomocyclus' 
Stage Dolls Always AOR Heaven 3/5 Stage Dolls - Always 
Stampede A Sudden Impulse Rock Candy 5/5 Stampede - A Sudden Impulse 
Stan Bush Dream The Dream Frontiers Records 5/5 Stan Bush - Dream The Dream 
Star Dancer Welcome To My World Star Dancer Records 8/10 Star Dancer – ‘Welcome To My World’ 
State Of Rock A Point Of Destiny Metal Heaven 4/5 State Of Rock - A Point Of Destiny 
Steele Tricks Up My Sleeve Z Records 4/5 Steele - Tricks Up My Sleeve 
Stefanie S/T Escape Music 8/10 Stefanie – ‘S/T’ 
Stephen Pearcy  Smash Frontiers Records 5/10 Stephen Pearcy – ‘Smash’ 
Stillman We Are The Trouble Independent 8/10 Stillman - 'We Are The Trouble' 
Stone Kings From Creation To Destruction Independent 7/10 Stone Kings – ‘From Creation to Destruction 
Stonewire When The Crow Flies 22:11 Records 8/10 Stonewire - 'When The Crow Flies' 
Stormburst Raised On Rock AOR Heaven 7/10 Stormburst – ‘Raised On Rock’ 
Stormtrooper Pride Before A Fall Bristol Archive Records 5/10 Stormtrooper – ‘Pride Before A Fall’ 
Stud Rust On The Rose Cranksonic 7/10 Stud - 'Rust On The Rose' 
Supernova Plasmajets S/T AOR Heaven 8/10 Supernova Plasmajets – ‘S/T’ 
Sven Larsson Sunlight & Shadow Avenue Of Allies 3/5 Sven Larsson - Sunlight & Shadow 
Sweet Mary Jane Winter In Paradise AOR Heaven 7/10 Sweet Mary Jane – ‘Winter In Paradise’ 
Switchblade Heavy Weapons Killer Metal 7/10 Switchblade - 'Heavy Weapons' 
Tara's Secret Vertigo Black Cat Music 5/5 Tara's Secret - Vertigo 
Terry Brock Diamond Blue Frontiers Records 4/5 Terry Brock - Diamond Blue 
Tesla Simplicity Frontiers Records 7/10 Tesla - 'Simplicity' 
Tesla Alive In Europe! Frontiers Records 3/5 Tesla - Alive In Europe! 
The Almighty Blood Fire & Love + Sould Destruction Spinefarm Records 9/10 The Almighty - 'Blood, Fire and Love' + 'Sould Destruction' re-issues 
The Amorettes  Haulin Ass Independent 7/10 The Amorettes – ‘Haulin Ass’ remastered/reissue 
The Answer Rise Tap Music 9/10 The Answer – ‘Rise’ 10th anniversary edition 
The Darker My Horizon Acquiesce Independent 9/10 The Darker My Horizon - 'Acquiesce' 
The Dark Side of Venus Power To Victims Independent 8/10 The Dark Side of Venus – ‘Power To Victims’ 
The Murder of my Sweet Echoes of the Aftermath Frontiers Records 9/10 The Murder Of My Sweet – ‘Echoes Of The Aftermath’ 
The Radio Sun Outside Looking In Melodic Rock Records 8/10 The Radio Sun – ‘Outside Looking In’ 
The Summit Higher Ground Pride & Joy 6/10 The Summit - 'Higher Ground' 
The Trews Hope & Ruin Bumstead Productions 8/10 The Trews - Hope & Ruin 
The Wild! Wild at Heart SPV / Steamhammer 7/10 The Wild! – ‘Wild At Heart’ 
The Winery Dogs Unleashed In Japan Loud & Proud Records  The Winery Dogs – Unleashed In Japan 
The Winery Dogs The Winery Dogs Loud & Proud 8/10 The Winery Dogs - The Winery Dogs 
Tokyo Motor Fist S/T Frontiers Records 9/10 Tokyo Motor Fist – ‘S/T’ 
Tragik Path Of Destruction Purley BMI  Tragik - 'Path of Destruction' 
Tragik Tainted Rock Company 8/10 Tragik – ‘Tainted’ 
Treat Coup De Grace Frontiers Records 5/5 Treat - Coup De Grace 
Triumph Greatest Hits REMIXED Frontiers Records 5/5 Triumph - Greatest Hits remixed 
Trixter Human Era Frontiers Records 9/10 Trixter - 'Human Era' 
Tyketto Dig In Deep Frontiers Records 9/10 Tyketto - Dig In Deep 
Tytus Rises Sliptrick Records 1/10 Tytus – ‘Rises’ 
Uriah Heep Outsider Frontiers Records 9/10 Uriah Heep - 'Outsider' 
Vandenberg's Moonkings Vandenberg's Moonkings Mascot Records 9/10 Vandenberg's Moonkings - 'Vandenberg's Moonkings' 
Vasey Be Someone Else Independent 7/10 Vasey - 'Be Someone Else' 
VEGA Stereo Messiah Frontiers Records 10/10 VEGA - 'Stereo Messiah' 
VEGA Who We Are Frontiers Records 10/10 VEGA – ‘Who We Are’ 
VEGA Kiss Of Life Frontiers Records Infinite/5 Vega - Kiss Of Life 
Warrant Louder Harder Faster Frontiers Records 6/10 Warrant – ‘Louder Harder Faster’ 
Wheels Of Fire Up For Anything Avenue Of Allies 7/10 Wheels Of Fire - Up For Anything 
Wild Rose Dangerous AOR Heaven 8/10 Wild Rose - Dangerous 
Wild Rose Half Past Midnight Lions Pride 9/10 Wild Rose – ‘Half Past Midnight’ 
Wizard Fallen Kings Massacre Records 6/10 Wizard – ‘Fallen Kings’ 
Wizz Wizzard Where The River Runs Cold Rocksector Records 5/10 Wizz Wizzard – ‘Where The River Runs Cold’ 
World's Apart Clean Slate Perris Records 2/5 World's Apart - Clean Slate 
Xoch S/T Independent 8/10 Xoch – ‘S/T’ 
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