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If you wish to contact me, or if your in a band and you would like a Live / album review or Interview feel free to contact me at the following email address

I’ve been writing reviews for Midlands Rocks since June 09 and prior to that I had no experience at all, hell, I can barely string a sentence together at the best of times. When I was initially invited to join the team, I was very reluctant and did initially turn down the offer as I‘m not a journalist or a critic (and you don‘t even want to know what grade I got for G.C.S.E English). Although after the Midlands Rocks editor explained to me what he was trying to achieve with the site, reviews from a fans point of view as opposed to critical journalistic breakdowns, I decided to give it a go, and if I’m honest I’ve enjoyed every last minute of my involvement with the site! Although I wasn’t shocked to learn the entire editorial staff at Midlands Rocks has a document entitled “Woody-ism’s” to help them make my reviews legible.

Initially my involvement with Midlands Rocks was purely as a gig reviewer but I have since branched out into album reviews and even the occasional interview. My first review for the site was Tyketto’s gig @ Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall. I’m extremely passionate about music (well the music I like!) and my involvement with the site has given me a way to express that even more so.

I didn’t get into music until I was 16 after been giving a second hand stereo, and I quickly developed a love of music (oh and a bad case of women trouble blues also boosted my new found passion) and in particular rock music. Many people say music is the soundtrack of their lives, I wouldn’t say that but I do have a bad habit of associating songs with people in my life as well as times and events - but be warned never ask me what song I associate with you! You might not like the answer!

Whilst I do like many different styles of rock and metal, my main love is the Melodic Rock & AOR genre. The first CD I brought was Tyketto’s “Standing Alone” CD single way back when. My first gig was Thunder @ The Aston Villa Leisure Centre back in 95’ on the behind closed doors tour. I really caught the gig bug after seeing Thunder, who is my all time favourite band, and I love getting to as many gigs as possible.

Living in the wild west midlands also has a few advantages as it has quite a few decent venues of all sizes. Although my favourite venue is JB’s in Dudley, I absolutely love the place and many of the best gigs I’ve been to have happened there, a real Rock N Roll venue!


Update 2014: One of the problems with these bio’s is they do need updating from time to time, for example my favourite venue JB’s in Dudley actually closed a few years ago, sad times!

From a writing point of view I’m still heavily involved with Midlands Rocks, even branching out into monthly radio show podcasts. I have also been writing for Fireworks Magazine for about a year now and it’s an amazing feeling seeing my words in print in something i can hold in my hands. Many people consider Fireworks to be the best dedicated Melodic Rock magazine available and i have read every issue since its debut issue many many years ago – So this adds an added sense of pride for me.